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Introduction to the Computers

The Computers screen shows all the computers you have added to Teramind, when they were last seen, online counts, currently online users/agents, IP addresses, operation systems, client (Teramind Agent) versions and FQDNs (Fully Qualified Domain Names).


Note: if you do not see a column, click the Settings (Gear) button near the top-right corner of the report to enable it.

Accessing the Computers Menu


1. Click the COMPUTERS menu to access its screen.

Remote Installing the Teramind Agent

This option is only available on Teramind On-Premise and Private Cloud deployments.


1. Click the REMOTE INSTALL AGENTS button near the top-right corner of the screen. You will be taken to the Remote Agent Installation screen where you can deploy the Agent remotely.

  • Cloud customers can also remotely deploy the agent using other methods. Check out this article, Remote Installation (Cloud) to learn more.

Computer Action Menu

You can perform various actions such as enable/disable monitoring, enable offline notifications, update the Agent etc.


1. Click the check marks in front of the computer names to select computers.


2. From the top-left corner of the screen, select the action you want to perform. You can choose from the following actions:

  • Enable Monitoring: enables monitoring for all users on the selected computers.

  • Disable Monitoring: disables monitoring for all users on the selected computers. On the Revealed Agent, the user will not be able to log in if you disable the monitoring. If they are already logged in, they will be logged out immediately.

  • Delete: Delete / remove a computer. Note that, when you delete a computer, it is not permanently deleted, just hidden from the computers list and all monitoring reports. Monitoring is also disabled when you delete a computer. If you are on an On-Premise deployment, deleting a computer will also free up a license.

  • Restore: Restores a previously deleted computer. Note that since deleting a computer also disabled monitoring for a computer, you will need to enable monitoring after you restore it.

  • Enable notify when offline: when you click this button, you can specify one or more email addresses which will get an email notification whenever the selected computers go offline.

  • Disable notify when offline: disables offline notification.

  • Uninstall Agent from PC: will uninstall/remove the agent from the computers.

  • Update agents: updates the installed Teramind Agent on the selected computers with the latest version. Available on On-Premise deployments only.

  • Cancel agents update: cancels any pending Agent update tasks. Available on On-Premise deployments only.

Note that you can also perform these actions for individual computers from the Computer's Details page (see below).

Accessing a Computer’s Details Page


Click on a computer from the list of computers on the Computers page. You will be taken to the Computer’s details page:


From this page you can view the computers details such as what OS is installed, the IP address, Agent version etc. You can also perform many of the same tasks found on the Computer Action Menu such as enable/disable monitoring, delete a computer, update agent etc. However, there are two new options you can access from the Computer’s details page: viewing/editing the computer’s profile and exporting session recordings. See the sections below for more information.

Exporting Session Recordings of Users/Agents on a Computer

Click the Video Camera icon on a Computer’s details page to export session recordings of select users/agents on the computer. Clicking this button will open a Video params window:


From this window you will be able to specify export date and time, select agents/users and other parameters for exporting the video/session recordings. See the Session Player section to learn more about session recordings.

Editing a Computer’s Settings

You can change the following settings from the Computer settings window:

  • CLEAN PRINT SPOOL (FOR PRINT SERVERS): This option is available when the Teramind Agent is installed on a print server. When Clean Print Spool is enabled, the Teramind Agent will check the print spooler every 10 minutes and delete documents older than 6 hours.

  • NOTIFY WHEN OFFLINE: When you click this button, you can specify one or more email addresses which will get an email notification whenever the selected computers go offline. You can also specify an offline threshold (in seconds). The system will waiting until this threshold before sending out the notification email. Note that, same option is available under the Computer Action Menu.

  • OVERRIDE: DELETE RECORDINGS OLDER THAN …: This option lets you delete recording older than certain days. A value other than 0 will override the delete settings you have specified in the ‘DELETE HISTORY AFTER…’ field on the Monitoring Settings> Screen profile.

The OVERRIDE: DELETE RECORDINGS OLDER THAN … is available on On-Premise deployments only.

Finding and Overriding the Causes of Blocked Updates

This feature is available on On-Premise deployments only.

When updating the Agent, sometimes the update might be blocked by Windows because of a pending reboot.

If this happens, you will see a red button, UPDATE IS BLOCKED on the Computers > Computer's details screen for the computer where the update is blocked. Clicking the button will show you a message explaining the reasons(s), "Update is blocked by the following reasons:…" and ask you if you want to ignore them. If you press the CONFIRM button, the update operation will ignore the reasons and try to do the update:

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