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I am getting too many email notifications from Teramind
I am getting too many email notifications from Teramind
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago

There are several ways you can reduce the volume of notification emails:

Turn off unnecessary policies or rules

If you go to the Behavior tab in the Teramind dashboard, you can edit or disable any active policies or rules from there:


Check out the Rules Guide to learn more about Behavioral Policies and Rule.

Change the options for different email notifications.

Many features in Teramind use email notifications. For example, Teramind has a Daily Digest feature that sends out emails to admins summarizing activities. The Notify action of a rule uses email address(es) to send rule violation alerts. The Monitoring and BI Reports have an auto-export option that delivers reports to selected email addresses on a scheduled basis, etc.

You can turn them off or configure them in a way to minimize the number of emails you receive. Check out the articles below to learn how:

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