How to change the monitoring settings

Changing the Monitoring Settings for a Single Employee / User

You can change the monitoring settings for a user from their profile page (click EMPLOYEES menu then clicking the EDIT PROFILE button), on the MONITORING OPTIONS tab:

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For more information, check out the Entering / Editing Employee Profiles section on the Teramind User Guide.


Note that, if you manually change the monitoring settings on a user's profile, it will override the settings on their group profile (see below). For example, if you turn ON the Screen recording on a user's profile but turn it OFF on a group profile (of which the employee is also a part); then Screen recording will remain turned ON for that user. This may create confusion and you may lose track of who's being monitored for what. Especially, if you modify the monitoring settings of a number of users individually. For this reason, we recommend that you use the group profiles whenever possible.

Changing the Monitoring Settings for a Group of Employees / Users

You can create monitoring profiles for a group of users and select what they will be monitored for. You can do that from the (click the Top Right Gear then select Monitoring Settings option):

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Check out the Monitoring Settings section on the Teramind User guide for more information on global monitoring settings.

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