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How to monitor external (AD) users
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago

Marking a User as External

You can mark an employee as an external user. An external user is a user imported from the Active Directory and not added through the Teramind Dashboard.

You can do that from their profile page (click EMPLOYEES menu then clicking the EDIT PROFILE button), on the ACCOUNT INFO tab:


For more information about managing employee profiles, check out the Employees section on the Teramind User Guide.

For more information about importing employees/groups from Active Directory, check out the Settings > Active Directory section on the Teramind User Guide.

Using a Terminal Server to Monitor External Users

You can set up a terminal server and install a single Teramind Agent to monitor all users on that server. This is an ideal solution if you wanted to monitor third-party vendors and other external users separate from your employees. Contact [email protected] if you need help monitoring users on a terminal server.

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