How to edit the on-premise agent configuration to connect to a new server IP or hostname

Changing the server IP or hostname for the Windows agents

Windows Hidden Agent

To edit the server IP or Hostname for Windows hidden agents, browse to the folder below :

C:\ProgramData\{4CEC2908-5CE4-48F0-A717-8FC833D8017A}\version num>\<guid>\

Right-click on the config file named config.cfg and click Properties.
Click the Security tab and then click the Edit button.
Add the current user account with Modify permissions or instead assign the Modify permission to Users.
Click OK and then click OK again on the next window to finish saving the permission changes.
Open config.cfg in Notepad

The config file will look like the example below:

stealth = 1
instance = onsite
router =

Change the router path to the Teramind server's new public IP or hostname and then save the file.

Restart the agent service on the target computer by opening a Command Prompt window as Administrator and then running the following command:

sc stop tsvchst

About 5 seconds later, start the service again with:

sc start tsvchst

Windows Revealed Agent

Open Teramind Agent from the Windows Start Menu.
Click the Advanced link on the agent login screen.
Type the new public IP or Hostname of the Teramind Server into the Server field and then click the Sign In button to log into the agent.


Changing server IP or hostname for the Mac agents

To edit the server IP or Hostname on a Mac, click the Spolight icon (magnifying glass) on the menu bar and type Terminal. Press Enter/Return to open a Terminal command window.

Enter the following command in the Terminal window and enter your administrator password when prompted:

sudo nano /usr/local/teramind/agent/etc/agent.conf

The configuration file will contain two parameters like the example below:


Change the router path to the Teramind server's new public IP or hostname.
Press Ctrl + X to exit out of Nano.
Type Y to save the changes and then press Enter/Return to save the file.

To restart the hidden mac agent, run the following command in Terminal:

(For agent version 0.1.204)

killall tmagent; open /usr/local/teramind/agent/bin/

(For agent version 0.1.226)

killall "System Monitoring"; open "/usr/local/teramind/agent/bin/System" 

To restart the revealed mac agent, close the Teramind Agent application and then re-open it from your Applications list or run the following command in Terminal:

killall tmui; open '/usr/local/teramind/agent/bin/Teramind'

Now sign back into the revealed agent.

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