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How to use the Revealed Agent
How to use the Revealed Agent
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago

Using the Revealed Agent

To start the Revealed Agent, search for Teramind Agent on your Windows Start menu or Mac Finder. The Revealed Agent has a user interface similar to the one below:

  1. Enter your username and password. If you do not have your credentials, please ask your admin to add you as a user/employee.

  2. Click the Advanced link to select your server. This will bring up a pull-down menu where you can select your server. If you are a cloud customer, just select Teramind Cloud from the pull-down list. If you are an on-premise customer, enter the server instance name (the URL of your Teramind dashboard without the https).

  3. Click the Save password option to enable/disable saving of your username and password.

  4. When the Save password option is enabled, you will see another option, Stay logged. When this option is enabled, the user will be automatically logged in when the agent starts. The user will still have to select a task and click the Start button to activate monitoring (see below).

  5. Click the Sign in button to start the Agent:

  1. On the top of the interface, you will see the currently active task or a ‘Not active’ status.

  2. To start/stop clock-in/clock-out: Select a task from the list and click the Start/ Stop button.

  3. To view a list of tasks: Click the Tasks tab.

  4. To view past activities: Click the History tab.

  5. To search for a task: Click on the Search field and start typing.

  6. To add a task or sub-task: Hover over a task or sub-task. Click the Plus icon to add a task.

  7. To start a task: Hover over a task or sub-task. Click the Play icon to start the task.

  8. At the bottom left, you will see the agent version.

  9. Click the Gear icon at the top-right corner to Refresh tasks, Sign out or Exit the agent.

Revealed Agent Launch Parameters

Since Windows Agent 13.0 and Mac Agent 1.239, the Revealed/Visible Agent supports some command line parameters when launching the Agent. These parameters can be used to automatically log in a user and start a predefined task. This might be useful in situations where you want to run the Agent from another application or script. For example, if you already use a time-tracking application and still want to use Teramind for tracking detailed user activities and recording the screen.

Here is the list of the new launch parameters:

Launch Parameter


Windows Agent only

Runs the Agent without the tsvchst service. This service helps manage the Agent, e.g., recovery from a crash, etc.

--router <address>

<address> is the domain name or IP address of your Teramind instance. For example:,, etc.

--username <username>

<username> is the username/login ID of the user (usually the email address). For example: [email protected].

--password <password>

<password> is the user's password. For example: mYP@assw0rd.

--task-id <id>

<id> is the task ID. For example: 123. See the Getting the List of Tasks/Task IDs section below to learn how to get the task IDs.


Hides the Agent window/UI and any messages that the Agent might display (e.g., the Connected/Reconnecting messages). If you don't use this parameter, then the Agent will be launched with its regular UI but it will log in the user and start the task passed in the <task-id> automatically.

Windows Agent only

Hides only the reconnect messages. There’s no need to use this if you are using the --hide-ui parameter.

Example Usage (Windows Command Prompt)

tmagent.exe --run --router --username [email protected] --password mYP@ssw0rd --task-id 123 --hide-ui

Example Usage (Mac Terminal)

open '/usr/local/teramind/agent/bin/Teramind' --args --router --username [email protected] --password mYP@ssw0rd --task-id 123 --hide-ui

Getting the List of Tasks/Task IDs

To get a list of tasks and task IDs, you can utilize the Teramind API. The command to use it is:

GET: https://<address>/tm-api/v1/tasks

Here, <address> is the domain name or IP address of your Teramind instance.

You can also use the link directly on the browser to get the list of tasks (note that you will have to log in as an administrator to get the list of tasks). For example:

This will return a JSON string with the list of tasks and their IDs. For example:

       "task_id": 4,
       "name": "Sales training",
       "parent_id": 0,
       "is_trackable": true,
       "assign": 1,
       "integration_id": null
       "task_id": 2,
       "name": "Data entry",
       "parent_id": 0,
       "is_trackable": false,
       "assign": 0,
       "integration_id": null

Note that only task IDs with the is_trackable: true attribute can be used with the --task-id parameter. In the above example, only task ID 4 can be used.


  1. If the network connection to the server is lost or you specify a wrong address in the --router parameter, the Agent will continue to try to reconnect until it’s successful.

  2. If the user locks their computer, the Agent will be paused. When the user unlocks the computer, the Agent will continue from where it was paused, e.g., continue recording the same task.

  3. If you want to change the user and/or task:

    1. First stop the Agent with one of these commands:
      Windows Command Prompt:

      taskkill /IM tmagent.exe /F

      Mac Terminal:

      killall "Teramind Agent"
    2. Then relaunch the Agent with the new username and/or task-id.

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