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How to classify activities as productive / unproductive or custom type
How to classify activities as productive / unproductive or custom type
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago

Productivity Profiles determine how apps/websites are classified as productive/unproductive. This, in turn, will affect how Productive Time, Unproductive Time etc. are reported.

You can quickly classify apps/website from the BI REPORTS > Applications & Websites screen, from the Grid Widget.

Classifying a Single App/Website Activity

1. Right click on a row on any of the Grid Widgets and select the Classify option from the pop-up menu. This will pop open the Classify activity window:

2. Select a productivity PROFILE.

3. Select a productivity CATEGORY. Check out this article learn more about productivity categories and how to create them.

4. Click SAVE to save the classification. Note that activities are classified as they are performed. If you want to retroactively apply a productivity profile - reset classifications from Configure -> Productivity Profiles.

Classifying Multiple App/Website Activities

You can classify a group of apps/website by first selecting them and then right-clicking the selection and choosing the Classify option. The rest is similar to classifying a single activity:

Note that you will need to click and drag from within the grid to select an area. It can’t be from outside the grid or in a blank area on the right, you have to click from inside the columns where data is present.

You can also classify a group of activities, configure the productivity profiles or reset them, from the CONFIGURE > Productivity Profiles screen.

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