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These Productivity Reports are deprecated. Please use the new BI Reports > Productivity report which offers more information, drill-down capabilities, enhanced export, and faster load time. Please contact Teramind support if you have any questions.

Introduction to the Productivity Reports

The Productivity report lets you track employee productivity and performance. It shows productive, unproductive, active and idle time and how much you are spending on employee wages/salary.

Productivity report aggregates data from the activity monitoring, employee profiles, app/websites classification and other configurations such as departments, schedules, user input from the Revealed Agent etc.

To get an accurate report on employee productivity, make sure you have the following set up properly:

Accessing the Productivity Report


1. Hover over the PRODUCTIVITY menu, then

2. Click the Overview or the Time Worked sub-menu.

Productivity Report Explained


Color guide:

The color table below shows the activity %:

Green: 70% – 100% activity, Yellow: 11% – 69% activity, Red: 0% – 10% activity

For a detailed explanation on the different columns of the Productivity report and how each productivity metric such as Work Time, Idle Time etc. are measured, please check out this article: How is Work Time / Idle Time / Activity Percentage / Productive Time / Unproductive Time / Total Time determined?

Summary vs. Detailed View

When viewing the report for multiple days, you can expand a row to view details for each day in addition to a summary of all days.


1. Click the up/down arrow button at the right side of a user’s row to expand/collapse it.

2. When expanded (Detailed View), each date is shown in separate rows in addition to a summary for all days.

3. When collapsed (Summary View), the dates are aggregated into a single row for each employee.

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