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How to let employees / users know when they are being monitored
How to let employees / users know when they are being monitored
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago

If you are required to show a message to your employees that they are being monitored (due to your company policy or other compliance reasons), you can set up a simple Agent Schedule-based rule. See the instructions below to learn how:

1. Click the BEHAVIOR > Policies menu:




3. Enter a name and select the user the policy will apply to. You can also exclude users or departments you don’t want to include in the policy. Click CREATE to save the policy:


4. On the Rules Editor, select the General tab. Enter a name and optionally a description for the rule. Select Agent schedule from the Rule Category:


5. Select the User tab. You can keep settings as is or turn off the INHERIT POLICY SETTINGS option to manually select the users to be included or excluded from the rule:


6. Select the Schedule tab. Select Login from the SELECT TYPE OF SCHEDULE VIOLATION dropdown list. You can optionally set other conditions such as off-hours, exclude days or restrict IPs etc.:


7. Select the Actions tab. Turn on an action such as WARN. Enter a message to be displayed to the user when they login. You can turn on the USE HTML TEMPLATE option to display the alert in a HTML box. This way, you can for example, direct them to your monitoring policy using a HTML tag such as:

All your activities are monitored as per the <a href="">company policy</a>.

Check out this article to learn how to customize the look and feel of the alert message. Click the SAVE AND LAUNCH RULE button when done:


To learn more about rules and how to use them, check out the Rules Guide.

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