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How to lock / unlock an employee
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago

The Lock/Unlock action only works on the Hidden Agent. By design, these actions will not be enforced on the Revealed Agent.

Locking Out an Employee Manually

You can lock out an employee or a group of employees from the Employees screen:


Locking Out an Employee Automatically with a Rule Action

You can use the Lock Out User rule-action to lockout an employee automatically when they violate a rule. Check out the Lock Out User Action section on the Teramind Rules Guide to learn more about the Lock Out action.

The Lock Out User action will only work for a Hidden Agent. For a Revealed Agent, the rule will still trigger but it will not really lock out the user.

The employee account will be locked out in the Dashboard but the Agent will continue to monitor and it will not sign out the user. The user will be able to exit and log back into the Agent UI.

Unlocking a User

You can see a list of all locked out employees and unlock them from the Employees screen:

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