How to upgrade or downgrade my subscription

  • If you buy additional licenses mid-term, you will only be charged for the prorated rate of the new licenses, discounted based on the amount of time remaining for that cycle. The only exception is the change of your subscription period/billing cycle. In such a case, the systems will reset the subscription date.
  • When upgrading, the change happens immediately and you will be charged immediately. When downgrading, the change happens at the next billing cycle.

Cloud Deployment

You can change your subscription and upgrade/downgrade your plan, change no. of users etc. from the MY ACCOUNT > Subscription tab.

  1. Click the UPGRADE PACKAGE button.
  1. Change your subscription detail on the Subscribe to Teramind Cloud page.

On-Premise / Private Cloud Deployment

You can change your license and upgrade/downgrade your plan, change no. of endpoints etc. from the Self-Serve Portal.

  1. Login to the Self-Hosted Portal by clicking the Login button from or use the direct link:


  1. Click the Licenses tab on top.
  1. Click the Upgrade link under the Actions column for the license you want to upgrade.
  1. Change your license settings and press the Upgrade button.
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