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Introduction to My Account

The My Account menu gives you access to your subscription (Cloud customers only), our in-app support system (Cloud customers only), server ports for your deployment, etc. Click a tab to access its screen.


The SUBSCRIPTION tab shows you what type of subscription you have and upgrade/downgrade/cancel it.

Upgrade Your Trial Subscription

If you have a trial subscription, you will see a screen like the one below:

1. On the top, you will see how long the trial is valid for.

2. Click the CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE button. It will take you to the Subscribe to Teramind Cloud (checkout) screen:

3. Under the Subscription section, choose a product type (e.g., Teramind DLP), enter the number of users to track and whether you want to subscribe yearly.

4. Under the Billing Address section, enter your billing address that matches with your credit card (see below).

5. Under the Payment Method, enter your credit card details, choose if you want a yearly subscription plan, and press the SUBSCRIBE button.

Manage an Existing Subscription

If you have a paid subscription, you will see a screen like the one below:

1. On the top, you will see your current subscription details such as how many licenses (agents) are in use, license period (monthly or yearly) and type of package (e.g., DLP).

2. Click the UPGRADE PACKAGE button. You will be taken to the checkout screen where you can upgrade/downgrade your subscription. This is similar to getting a new subscription (please see Step 3-4 under Upgrade Your Trial Subscription for more information).

Notes About Upgrading/Downgrading Your Package

  • If you buy additional licenses mid-term, you will only be charged for the prorated rate of the new licenses, discounted based on the amount of time remaining for that cycle. The only exception is the change of your subscription period/billing cycle. In such a case, the systems will reset the subscription date.

  • When upgrading, the change happens immediately, and you will be charged immediately. When downgrading, the change happens at the next billing cycle.

3. Click the UPDATE BILLING INFO button to update your billing details.

4. Click the Cancel subscription link to cancel your subscription.

Support PIN

The SUPPORT PIN tab allows you to create a support PIN. A support PIN is a temporary access code that will allow our support agent to access your dashboard without requiring your username and password (please see the Support section below to learn how to request technical support).

The PIN is onetime use only and will automatically expire after the first use. As a best practice, you should renew the PIN each time you request our agent(s) to access your dashboard and clear it once they are done.

To manage your support PIN:

1. Click the RENEW button to generate a new support PIN.

2. Click the COPY button to copy the PIN to the clipboard (so that you can paste it in a message, see the Support section below).

3. Click the CLEAR button to clear the support PIN. The agent(s) will not be able to access the dashboard if you clear the PIN.

Teramind Support will never ask for your username and password. If Teramind Support needs to access your account to assist you with a support inquiry, we will always ask your permission, and we will ask you to give us access by sending us this PIN number. Before you create a support ticket, it is a good idea to renew your support PIN.

Server & Port

The SERVER & PORT tab shows what IP/DNS, domain and ports are being used by your Teramind instance. This information might be useful in case you need to configure your network firewall to allow the Teramind Agent access to access the server.

If you cannot can’t connect to Teramind after configuring your firewall, please contact our support team for help.


The SUPPORT tab shows your existing support requests and allows you to create new support tickets.

1. Click the Add new support ticket button to create a new support ticket (see below).

2. Click the Feature request button to go to Teramind Wishlist portal where you can request for new features, report a bug, track product developments, etc.

Creating A New Support Ticket

1. Click the Add new ticket button. It will open a window for you to enter the ticket details:

2. Choose a category that best fits your issue from the Choose category drop-down menu. For example, User not online, Antivirus / firewall, Data not captured, etc.

3. Enter a Subject.

4. Describe your issue in as much details as possible in the Description field.

5. You can drag and drop files in the Drop files here area or click the Browse files link to upload any relevant files such as screenshots that would help us understand the issue quickly. Please note only files up to 1 MB in size are allowed.

6. When ready, click the Create ticket button. You will see the following screen:

7. Click the Invite agent to dashboard button if you need them to view your dashboard and help out with a remote session.

8. You can see the files you already uploaded/attached on this area.

9. You can send the support agent a message by typing it in the new message field and clicking the Send button. You can also use the small Attachment icon to add any additional files or screenshots.

10. You can see all the conversations between you and the support agent(s) near the bottom of the screen. Clicking the small Left Arrow icon will copy an existing message into the new message field. This is helpful for example, when you want to refer to a previous conversation.

Viewing / Following Up on Existing Support Tickets

You can view your existing support tickets on the SUPPORT tab, under List of tickets:

1. Click the SUPPORT tab.

2. You can search for a ticket by keywords or filter it by a category or status (Pending/Solved). Note that, the ticket status is updated by our support agents.

3. Click the Subject link of a support ticket to open it. You can then view the conversations, send new messages, or invite a support agent on a remote session (see step 8-10 under Creating A New Support Ticket for more information).

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