Notifications Report
Written by Arick Disilva
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The Notifications report shows the status of recent notifications such as login failures, monitoring issues etc.

1. Click the Bell icon near the top-right corner of the Dashboard to access the Notifications report:

You can perform many of the common monitoring tasks using the options on top of the screen. For example, you can set the date range, filter the report, export it as CSV/PDF files or schedule an auto-delivery over emails. Please see the Monitoring Reports > Performing Common Reporting Tasks for more information.

If you see a notification that says, "Update is blocked by the following reasons:…", you can override the block from a Computer's Settings window using the OVERRIDE: DELETE RECORDINGS OLDER THAN option.

You can use the Notifications report to identify common issues and troubleshoot them. Check out the Employee showing offline / computer not reporting / missing users / missing computers article to learn how to resolve the most common issues detected on the Notifications screen.

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