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What is employee monitoring? Is it legal?
What is employee monitoring? Is it legal?
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago

Employee monitoring is the process of tracking all activity conducted by employees while logged in to a computer which has employee monitoring software installed on it. This is done to measure productivity, prevent insider threats and unauthorized data exfiltration, and keep track of how employees spend their time while logged in at work.

Check out our Employee Monitoring page to learn about employee monitoring, types and features of employee monitoring software, benefits and more.

In most jurisdictions employee monitoring is legal with no restrictions. However, there may be restrictions on what employee activities you monitor or record. Please consult your legal counsel to ensure you are implementing employee monitoring within the legal and regulatory guidelines applicable to your organization and jurisdiction. Teramind is fully customizable with respect to its monitoring and recording features to abide by any legal, ethical or regulatory restrictions.

We have created a white paper that takes a look at employee monitoring regulations in different countries and the best practices for employee monitoring while conforming with user privacy rights. You can download the white paper here.

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