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What is a Teramind endpoint? What is a Teramind user?
What is a Teramind endpoint? What is a Teramind user?
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago

A Teramind user is an employee that is tracked by the Teramind Agent. An endpoint is a device, such as a Windows PC, Mac or a Windows Server (not a Terminal Server/Host. Teramind has a different licensing policy for Terminal Servers).

Teramind is licensed on a per user basis for the Cloud offering and per endpoint basis for the On-Premise and Private Cloud offerings.

How it works:

On the On-Premise/Private Cloud deployment, it does not matter how many users you have on each computer, Teramind will charge you only for the number of computers and not the users. For example, say, you have two employees:

  • employee-1

  • employee-2

And two computers:

  • pc-1

  • pc-2

When employee-1 logs in on pc-1 and employee-2 logs in on pc-2 then you will see two users on your Teramind Dashboard if the employees are logging into local user accounts on the computers:

  • employee-1@pc1

  • employee-2@pc2.

In the above example, you have two employees on two endpoints, and two endpoint licenses are needed to monitor those two computers with an on-premise subscription.

Now imagine, employee-1 logs in on pc-2 then you will see a third employee account created named employee-1@pc-2 in your Teramind Dashboard. In this last example, you have three employee accounts but they are using only two computers or endpoints. Under the Cloud offering, you will need three licenses for the three users. But if you choose the On-Premise/Private Cloud deployment, you will only need two licenses for the endpoints.

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