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What is your On-Premise trial approval process?
What is your On-Premise trial approval process?
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago

After you have signed up for an On-Premise trial from our Price Page, here is what happens next:

1. After the sign up, the information you submitted will be reviewed by one of our Sales Representatives.

2. Once the deal is approved, you will receive a welcome email within 2-3 business days (If you do not receive the welcome email in 2-3 days, please contact our sales team). The email will give you an option to book for a 15-minute intro call with one of our Product Specialists. If you do not need an introduction, you can simply reply "I'm Ready" to the email.

  • If you scheduled a time with a Product Specialist, they will get on a 15 minute meeting with you to explain the product features, answer any question you might have and finally activate the deployment if On-Premise is the right fit for you.

  • If you responded with “I’m ready”, the Product Specialist will activate the trial, and you will automatically receive an email inviting you to our Self Hosted Portal where you can download the VM image for your environment, the installer for the Monitoring Agent as well as a trial license key:


3. You can enter license key on the Teramind Dashboard. Check out this article to learn how to enter your license key.

4. Once the trial starts, you will be added to our onboarding email list and get regular updates on the product and links to useful resources.

5. After the trial period is over and you did not already upgrade to a paid subscription or opt-out from our email list, a Sales Represent will contact you to help with the purchase.

If you need any help during your trial period, please contact our support team. You can email: [email protected] or use the Chat feature on the dashboard.

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