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Introduction to the User Menu

The User menu allows you to change the currently logged in user’s profile, download the Teramind Agent and setup access tokens for the Teramind API.

Accessing the User Menus


1. Click the Username near the top-right corner of the Teramind Dashboard.

2. A pop-up menu will be displayed from where you will be able to change your profile, download the Teramind Agent, create access tokens for the API, and log out from the dashboard.

My Profile

A logged in user can change their profile information (if they are authorized to do so by an admin) by clicking the User Menu > My profile. A pop-up window will open where you will be able to edit your personal information, account information, authentication, etc.:


Note that if you are an admin user, you will see additional options such as monitoring options, resend the invitation (to as user asking them to install the agent), etc.

Check out the Entering / Editing Employee Profiles section to learn how to edit your profile.

Download Teramind Agent

Click the User Menu > Download Teramind Agent. You will be taken to the agent download screen:


Note that the download screen might be slightly different based on your account type/privilege, deployment type (e.g. on-premise vs. cloud), if it's the first time you are using the dashboard etc.

Check out this article, How to download and install the Teramind Agent for more information.

Access Tokens

Access Tokens menu allows you to create access tokens for use with the Teramind API. You can see the
current access tokens, create/delete tokens. If you are admin, you can also manage tokens created by other users. To access the Access tokens screen:


1. Click the Username near the top-right corner of the Teramind Dashboard. A pop-up menu will be displayed.

2. From the pop-up menu, select Access token.


1. To create an access token, click the ADD ACCESS TOKEN button. A pop-up window will show up:


2. Enter a name for your token and click the DONE button.

3. You can delete a token by clicking the X icon.

4. If you are an admin, click the ALL TOKENS tab to view tokens created by other users:


5. You can filter the list of access tokens by account type (e.g., administrator, employee etc.) using the first filter menu or select individual users from the second pull-down menu.

6. Clicking the Stats icon on the ALL TOKENS tab will take you to the System > System Log screen and apply the selected token as a filter to display the log.

7. Note that, access token created in an earlier version of the dashboard will be displayed as ‘Unnamed’.

Teramind has a powerful set of APIs you can use to programmatically control virtually all aspect of the platform including controlling the interface, managing rules, configuring users, installing or removing Agents etc. You can download the Teramind API documentation from here.


Click the User Menu > Logout to log out of the Teramind dashboard.

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