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How can I use Teramind to improve our process-driven metrics?
How can I use Teramind to improve our process-driven metrics?
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago

Collected activity data on Teramind allows you to see the distinct actions of your workforce and enables you to identify redundant processes, bottlenecks, and other areas in need of improvement:

  • Identify top performing employees/teams and understand their work habits (through behavioral activity analysis, baseline measurement, session recordings, etc.) so that you can develop a better PDP (personal development program).

  • Find out what activities or habits are causing distractions (e.g., idle time analysis, focus time analysis, activity level, app-switching, etc.)

  • Conduct project analysis to meet SLA, timeline and goals. Find out which tasks are bottlenecks, which ones take up time, which are causing budget drains, etc.

  • Understand resource utilization such as apps, online services, consultant time, etc.

  • Analyze custom workflows and steps for your specific process. For example, if a CSR or agent is completing all the SOP steps when on-boarding a customer, if they are performing the right due diligence, how much time they are spending on each step, are there any gaps that need to be addressed, etc.

  • Analyze work time discrepancies, e.g., early starts, late shifts, absenteeism, etc. and what needs to be addressed to mitigate them (e.g., change schedule, reallocate/transfer resources or employees).

  • Develop HR and productivity policies and rules to influence positive behavior and reduce waste - such as automatically providing feedback when an employee is violating their break policy, idling for too long or using social media on company time.

  • Export the behavioral data to a process optimization/QA system to conduct further analysis.

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