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Tooltips and Hints

Tooltips usually describing the action of an icon or a button. Hover over an element a second or so, to view the tooltips for that element.

Additionally, you can see context sensitive hints for some elements. Whenever you see the Help icon:


Hover over the icon to see a hint about the relevant item or action.

Here’s an example how a tooltip is shown for one of the items on the Rules Editor screen:

Page Explanation

When you visit certain pages (such as the Monitoring Reports), you will notice that an extra button titled, ‘EXPLAIN THIS PAGE’ is displayed at the top-right corner of the dashboard:

1. Click the EXPLAIN THIS PAGE button. Teramind will display an overview for the page:

2. Click the Next button. The explainer wizard will start:

3. Teramind will explain you, step by step, important parts of the current page highlighting each section in turn. You can click the BACK and NEXT button to browse through the explanations.

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