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Windows Agent 0.1.269 (2022-10-13)
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago


Monitoring Settings: File Transfers

The DO NOT MONITOR THESE LOCATIONS field on the Monitoring Settings > File Transfers now supports path containing dashes/hypens (-):



Monitoring Settings: Dynamic blackout of Microsoft Teams in screen recordings

Previously when you used the SUSPEND MONITORING WHEN THESE APPLICATIONS ARE USED option on the Monitoring Settings > Applications screen to suspend the screen recording of Microsoft Teams application (teams.exe), the dynamic blackout feature wouldn't work properly. It would often ignore any overlapping windows and black them out too. This is now fixed so only the Teams window(s) are blacked out.


Monitoring Settings: Dynamic blackout of unfocused applications in screen recordings

This is similar to the above dynamic blackout situation but applied to unfocused apps or apps behind another window. As an example, suppose you enabled the SUSPEND MONITORING WHEN THESE APPLICATIONS ARE IN USE option to suspend monitoring Notepad. Now, if you view the screen recording it should blackout the Notepad window on the screen recording - which it does. But it shouldn't show the backbox when another app window gets focus and is shown on top of the Notepad window. But instead, it was still showing the black box.

Improvements were made, so that the black box is now removed when no portion of the suspended application window is visible.

Printers: Capturing accurate names of virtual/redirected printers

Previously Teramind couldn't 'properly' detect a users printing to a pdf file using a redirected printer via an RDP session. Teramind could detect that it was a remote print and show it as “Remote Desktop Easy Print” on the Printing monitoring report. But it couldn't distinguish that the printer being used is actually a virtual pdf printer:


With the latest update, the printer name is accurately captured for such virtual/redirected printers:


This way you can prevent a remote user from using a virtual printer such as Microsoft Print to PDF feature to save a sensitive document on their local machine. For example, you can create a printer rule to look for strings such as "PDF" and "redirect" in the printer's name and block it from printing.

Monitoring Settings: Support for text-based Shared Lists on Websites

Text-based Shared Lists are now supported in the DON'T MONITOR WEB TRAFFIC FOR THESE IPS field on the Monitoring Settings > Websites screen:


Now, you can create a simple text-based list of websites from the Configure > Share List screen and use it to filter the websites instead of typing the sites in the filed or using a network (IP)-based Shared List.

Monitoring Settings: Idle time recording for locked RDP sessions

Screen recording is improved so that even if the RECORD LOCKED SESSIONS is enabled, it will no longer record idle time after logging to locked session via RDP when the user is online. This will prevent inaccurate reporting of idle time.

Protected Agent: Password hash

The algorithm for generating the password hash for protecting an agent installation/uninstallation is updated so that it's more secure now.

SSL: Certificate database

Sometimes the Agent would crash due to a corrupted SSL database (cert.db). We redesigned the agent so that it no longer writes to the database directly reducing the chances of corruption.

Bug Fixes

Email: Blank body in Gmail

Due to Google's recent update, Gmail captures by the Agent would show up as blank. This is fixed now.

Email: Multilingual text in Thunderbird emails

Due to a bug, emails in languages other than English were getting stripped down or truncated when captured by the Agent. This is fixed now.

Email: Incorrect subjects on Sylpheed emails

Due to a bug, emails sent with the Sylpheed email agent with special character in their subject lines would would be captured incorrectly by the Agent. This is fixed now.

Email: Emails not captured on Outlook365

Due to some recent updates by Microsoft, emails on Outlook365 weren't captured properly by the Agent. This is fixed now.

Email: High CPU usage by mtm.exe

Due to a bug, Microsoft Test Manager mtm.exe would sometime show high CPU utilization, especially when Outlook failed. This is fixed now.

Online Meeting: Incorrect subjects on Sylpheed emails

Due to Cisco's recent update, online meetings on Webex weren't captured by the Agent properly, This is fixed now.

Instant Messenger: Agent crashes when opening Facebook Chat

Due to a bug, sometimes the Agent would crash when trying to open Facebook Chat. This is fixed now.

Websites: Error detecting URLs in Google Chrome

Due to a some recent changes by Google, sometimes the Agent wouldn't be able to detect the correct URL of a web page on the new version of the Google Chrome browser. This occurred especially when the user opened one of Chrome's internal pages (e.g. chrome://welcome, chrome://settings, etc.) first and then visited a regular web page. The issue is fixed now.

Monitoring Settings: Incorrect time tracking on websites

Sometimes, the Agent wouldn't track time properly if Monitoring Settings > Webisites is disabled. This may occur in some special situations. For example, when switching tabs on Chrome no time would be added to the Web Pages & Applications report. The issue is fixed now.

Monitoring Settings: Offline recording setting not fully enforced

Due to a bug, the Agent wasn't removing all the data (e.g., attachments and printed documents) when enforcing the limits set under the Monitoring Settings > Offline Recoding screen. The bug is fixed now so that all data are purged properly.

Teramind Diagnostics Tool: tmdiag Detects wrong OS version

Due to a bug, Teramind Diagnostics Tool (tmdiag) would report wrong OS versions. For example, instead of reporting Windows 11 (correct version) it would report the installed OS as Windows 10 (wrong version). The issue is fixed now.

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