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Windows Agent 5.0 (2022-12-20)
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago

New Features

Online Meetings: Support for WebEx Web Version

You can now track online meetings for WebEx web version:


The meetings will show up as Webex under the Monitoring Reports > Online Meetings (Applications column) but on the Employee > Activity Log report (Process/URL column), you will be able to see the actual process/URL of the meeting (e.g.,


Agent: Efficient Start

Changes were made to the Teramind start-up sequence so that Teramind kernel driver, tm_filter will no longer automatically start when Windows boots. Instead, the Agent will run the service when needed.

Monitoring Settings: Better Website Monitoring

Teramind will now use the SNI (Server Name Indication) for the DON'T MONITOR WEB TRAFFIC FOR THESE IPS and MONITOR WEB TRAFFIC ONLY FOR THESE IPS settings under Monitoring Settings > Websites:


This will let the Agent better handle browsers that use HTTPS proxy servers over TLS protocol.

Bug Fixes

Agent: Agent Update Wouldn't Work When Using Custom Server Ports (On-Premise)

Due to a bug, you wouldn't be able to update the Agent remotely (Computers > Action menu > Update agents) if you assigned custom ports under Settings > Server management > Server Ports:


The bug is fixed now.

Agent: Printed Documents Not Captured When Using Microsoft Print to PDF Printer

Due to a bug in our document parser, documents printed using the Microsoft Print to PDF virtual printer wouldn't capture properly. You might see a Document is not uploaded yet. Please try again later message or a window with missing images when trying to view the document on the BI Reports > Printing or Monitoring Reports > Printing screen:


You might also see an error, [warning] [PrinterMonitor] can't parse spool file on the Agent log file. The bug is fixed now.

Behavior Policies & Rules: Browser Plugin Rule Wouldn't Work for Some Browsers

Due to a bug in the Rules engine, Browser Plugin-based Activity rules like the one below wouldn't trigger for Opera, Firefox, Microsoft and Chromium Edge browsers.


The bug is fixed now.

Monitoring Settings: Agent Driver Services Shown As Running Even When Disabled on the Dashboard

Teramind's Agent driver services can be controlled from the Monitoring Settings > Advanced panel. When the FILE DRIVER and NETWORK DRIVER options on the Advanced panel are disabled, you would expect the corresponding tmfsdrv2 and tm_filter services to be stopped too. However, due to a bug, they would still be shown as RUNNING on the Command terminal:


The bug is fixed now.

Monitoring Settings: File Driver Setting Not Working Properly

Due to a bug, the DLP driver wouldn't activate even when the FILE DRIVER option is turned on under the Monitoring Settings > Advanced screen:


The bug is fixed now. You can verify the driver is working properly in the Agent log. If it is activated, you should see a message like this:

[1/0x000026fc] [2022-Dec-01 00:39:38.585896] [CTL 3] [debug] [DlpMonitor]  activate: activated with driver

Security: Potential HTML Injection Using the Behavior Rules Actions

A security fix was made so that a potential attacker wouldn't be able to execute arbitrary HTML codes using the Behavior Rules Actions.

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