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Windows Agent 11.0 (2023-04-19)
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago

New Features

Monitoring: Online Meetings Support for Zoom Web

Previously you could track online meetings on the Zoom app. Now you can track online meetings on Zoom Web too:

Both the app and web-based meetings will show up as Zoom under the Monitoring > Online Meetings (Applications column) but on the Employee > Activity Log report, you will see the difference. For the app-based meetings, you will see the application name, e.g., zoom.exe in the Process/URL column and for the web-based ones, you will see the URL, e.g.,


Monitoring: IPv6 Support for MS Teams and Zoom

We are introducing IPv6 support for Zoom and MS Teams. This will include capturing app/web activities, online meetings and instant messaging monitoring of both the app and web versions of Zoom and MS Teams.

Bug Fixes

Behavior Rules: Idle Criteria not Working

Due to a bug, Agent Schedule rules containing the Idle criteria like the one below wouldn't get triggered:

This seems to affect 7.0 or newer versions of the Agent.

The bug is fixed now.

Monitoring: Password Fields Being Captured when They shouldn't

In some specific situations, password fields on a website would get captured even when the MONITOR KEYSTROKES FOR PASSWORD FIELDS option is disabled on the Monitoring Settings > Websites.

This could happen if you entered a wrong password, reloaded the webpage, and then entered the password again.

The bug is fixed now.

Agent: Update would Fail for Old Versions of the Protected Agent

Due to a bug, updating a Protected Agent would fail. This would include the auto-update (Settings > Auto Update) and remote update from the Dashboard (Computers > action menu > Update Agents):

This seems to affect 6.1 or older versions of the Hidden/Silent Agent.

The bug is fixed now.

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