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Windows Agent 24.12.1473 (2024-04-03)
Written by Arick Disilva
Updated over a week ago


Continuous Update of WebEx Meetings

Previously, WebEx online meetings (both the web and desktop versions) were only after the meetings were ended on the Monitoring > Online Meetings.

Now, it will update it continuously, every second, while the meeting is ongoing:

Workaround for the WebEx Memory Leak Triggered by the Agent

In rare cases. the Agent crashes would lead to WebEx memory leaks:

As no software can guarantee to never crash and we cannot fix memory leak in WebEx, hence current fix from Agent side is to reboot WebEx once Agent restores after crash.

In upcoming releases, we intend to improve this even more, so that reboot of WebEx would be optional. We will change the whole tracking mechanism to bypass triggering WebEx memory leaks.

Fix for WhatsApp Web Instant Messages not Captured Due to Protocol Changes

Due to a recent adaption of a new compression protocol in WhatsApp Web, the Agent's proxy service would fail to capture WhatsApp web meetings. As a result, no incoming or outgoing messages on WhatsApp would be displayed on the Monitoring > Instant Messaging or the BI Report > Instant Messages report.

The bug seems to affect Google Chrome as it had the new compression enabled by default but other browsers might be affected too.

We have made changes to the Agent so it will support the new compression protocol.

Bug Fixes

Uploading a File Via OneDrive would Show Multiple File Events

When you upload a file via OneDrive, sometimes it will split the upload into multiple files if the file is big (e.g., > 10 MB). This would cause the Agent to treat a single file upload event as multiple upload events on reports like the BI Report > Web Events and Monitoring > File Transfers report, etc.:

We made changes to the Agent so that it will account for this behavior in OneDrive and only show a single upload activity.

Wrong Meeting Directions for the Zoom Desktop Meetings

Due to a bug, if either the File Driver or Network driver was disabled (Monitoring Settings > Advanced), it would sometimes show wrong directions for the Zoom Desktop meetings (e.g., Outgoing as Incoming or vice versa):

The bug is fixed now.

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