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Cloud Deployment
Written by Arick Disilva
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Easy Deployment, Zero Maintenance

Cloud Deployment with Teramind

Install the Teramind agent on the stations or servers you want to monitor and see data on your dashboard immediately. We’ll manage the cloud solution which means everything automatically scales to ensure speed and reliability. We also manage the servers so your IT team doesn’t have to. All upgrades occur automatically and there is no need to deploy patches.

Cloud Deployment Tech Specs

Ultra-low bandwidth consumption using the latest compression technology

Employees and managers can work and connect from anywhere

Secure connections & communications using highly secure SSL

Use built-in authentication, integrate with your Active Directory or combine local and AD-based authentication

Redundant platform hosted in a secure, multi-homed data center

Cloud Security

Security in the Cloud

The privacy of your data is essential. Teramind is hosted in a secure data center, and our servers are isolated from administrators and IT staff. Data is kept in our storage warehouse in a double-encrypted format, and is as safe as data kept in on-premise data centers.

Secure Connections

All communication between the endpoints and our servers use our proprietary protocol which is then encrypted by SSL. HTTPS and WebSocket connections to our servers for management are also encrypted by SSL, protecting your account information and all data transferred between the servers and the clients.

Data Encryption

All the data generated by Teramind is automatically encrypted when stored, using the industry-standard 256-bit AES algorithm.

Data Access

Your data is secure on our servers. We have procedures in place so that no Teramind staff member can access your data.

See Other Options

Teramind maintains feature parity among its offerings.
The Cloud, On-Premise and AWS / Azure editions of Teramind are identical in functionality.

Not sure this deployment is right for you? See our other available options!


Stay compliant and maintain ownership with on-premise deployment that lets you stay in total control of your enterprise data.

Private Cloud

Private cloud deployment combines the scalability of the cloud with the security of on premise. AWS and Azure deployment available.

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