Windows Agent 0.1.268 (2022-08-22)

Type Notes
New Content of dwm.exe is now hidden from the user. If the user tries to view the Security property of the process from the Task Manager, they will be shown a "Read permission required" message.
New New options to add source paths ("Source Drive, Source File Path, Source Network Host, etc.) are added to the Copy/Rename file-based rules. These options will accept "Contains", "Equals", "Match regexp" as well as text and regular expression shared lists as conditions.
New File content rules can now be applied to any folder, not just external drives and network shares. The "File Path" trigger in content rules are treated as relative path if root is defined, absolute otherwise.
New A new option, 'REGISTRY' is now available under Monitoring Settings. A 'Registry' option is also available under the Types of Activities on the Rules Editor. This will allow you to detect registry entries for any Program, Key or Value.
New A new option, OFFLINE RECORDING BUFFER SIZE (MB) is added to the Offline Recording monitoring settings. This setting can be used to limit how much recording will be kept offline. Default value of 0 means, there will be no limit.
Improvement You can now use 0 minute in the MINUTES BEFORE VIOLATION field under the RECORD VIDEO rule action.
Improvement Various other behavior policy improvements.
Improvement Numerous performance and speed improvements.
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