Windows Agent 0.1.267 (2022-07-15)

Type Notes
New A new option, “Create new users on first agent connection” is added to the Settings > Agent Default screen. If it's set to false, new agent connection to the Teramind server will not lead to creation of new employee in the system. This is helpful, for example, when you have hundreds of accounts that you don't want to monitor and don’t want them to be in the system. For example, service accounts.
New A new command line parameter, TMDNSNAME is added that allows you to to set a custom name for tm.filter file. For example: msiexec /i teramind_agent_v0.1.261_x64.msi TMDNSNAME=tm0.filter
New A new option, “Stay logged“ is added to the Revealed Agent. When this option is enabled, the Agent will stay logged in between sessions using the saved credentials.
New Scheduled-based rules, 'Idle' criteria now has a SETUP OFF-HOURS option that allows you to set off-hours/breaks. The rule will not be enforced during these off-hours.
New A new option, IGNORE EMAILS IF ALL DOMAINS MATCH (REGEX) is added to the Email monitoring settings. This setting can be used to prevent monitoring of emails if all email addresses to/from/bcc/cc are all in the list of certain domains. The aim is to exclude corporate/internal emails from being monitored. For example: .* will ignore all email from These emails will also be excluded from any active policies and rules.
New Added a bulk productivity classification option. Now you can highlight and classify multiple items in the BI Reports > Applications & Websites report in one step.
New Added the ability to add multiple time blocks for employee schedules. There is now a + and a - button to add/remove time blocks when adding schedules for an employee on the Schedule screen. The primary reason for this is to allow split shifts or overnight schedules.
New Now monitoring profiles can be assigned to computers as well. A Computer’s monitoring profile is going to have higher priority than a user's monitoring profile. If a user logs in from a computer that has a monitoring profile set, that profile will be used instead of the user’s profile. Also, if a computer profile is selected, it will track all users on the computer. If just one employee profile is selected within a profile, then only that employee on a computer will be tracked.
New Added an option to invite employees when downloading the Revealed Agent from the Download Teramind Agent screen. It can be used to create new employees and send an invitation.
Improvement The DO NOT MONITOR THESE LOCATIONS option on the File Transfers monitoring settings now supports system variables and regular expressions.
Improvement Various other behavior policy improvements.
Improvement Numerous performance and speed improvements.
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