Windows Agent 0.1.266 (2022-05-10)

Type Notes
New A new command line parameter, TMROOTDIR is added that allows you to install the agent to your directory of choice. Previously, you couldn't change the install location of the agent.
New The agent now support disabling all USB devices except for the keyboard and mouse. An option is added to the Dashboard (Monitoring Settings > Advanced screen) that allows you turn this setting on/off.
New A new option, DISABLED CLIPBOARD COPY FOR THE APPLICATIONS is added under the Advanced monitoring settings. You can use the .* in the setting's field to disable all clipboard operations or all applications.
Improvement A bug prevented command line keypress not being triggered in Keystrokes-based rules. This bug is fixed now.
Improvement There was a bug in audio recording feature that would trigger a wrong CTL thread when audio recording was on. This is fixed now.
Improvement Fixes were implemented so that it now prevents applications from saving files with unapproved extensions. Previous a bug prevented this feature from work properly.
Improvement Previously you might have encountered a problem when uploading certain formats of Dropbox uploads. This is now fixed.
Improvement Regular expressions in rules were improved so that it doesn't trigger certain expressions too early and follows the boundary parameters (e.g., \b).
Improvement The COMMAND action is improved so that it now supports writing to HKCU registry value from the shell command. Now you can write to registry of he current user with the command like: /admin reg add HKEY_USERS\%CURRENT_USER_SID%\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer /v NoDrives /t REG_DWORD /d 4 /f /reg:64/
Improvement A bug prevented the 'Set User's Active Task' action in Advanced Mode to not work properly. The bug is fixed now.
Improvement Improved the reporting feature so that it will prevent a potential failure when compressing (Zip) large files.
Improvement There was a bug in the tmdiag 2.0 (Teramind Uninstaller) which caused it to keep collecting logs even after executing the log all off command. This is now fixed and the uninstaller will turn logging off properly.
Improvement A bug in the parser system for MS Teams prevented it to recognize connections to the * site. This is now fixed.
Improvement Adapted Firefox settings for better content capture.
Improvement A bug prevented the File Operation > Upload rule condition from triggering when uploading files of more than 1 MB size to Google Drive. This is fixed now.
Improvement In some rare cases (e.g., Windows update/scheduled maintenance) a locked session would become active without logging in. This bug is fixed now.
Improvement Sometimes the Frequency option (set from a rule's Advanced Mode screen) would not trigger at all or trigger at wrong times. This bug is fixed now.
Improvement Because of a bug, the Online Meetings monitoring would only track the host in a Zoom meeting, but not the participants. This is fixed now.
Improvement Fixed a bug which caused the agent to stop recording the audio in some rare circumstances.
Improvement Fixed some file driver issues.
Improvement Various other behavior policy improvements.
Improvement Numerous performance and speed improvements.
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