Release 593 (2022-04-06)

Type Cloud / On-Premise Notes
New Both A export to PDF button is added to the TIME TRACKING > Time Cards report.
Bug Fix On-Premise Improved SMTP emails settings with Office 365. Sometimes Teramind would have issues communicating with the SMTP server on Office 365, e.g., a send error with missing credentials. This is now fixed.
Bug Fix On-Premise Improved Agent Download for custom server ports. In some cases, if you changed the Server Ports under Settings, and then tried to download the agent, it would show an error, "This site cann't be reached". The issue is fixed now.
Bug Fix On-Premise Improved remote agent installation. In some cases, if an installation of remote agent failed or was canceled, any subsequent deployment attempt to another IP address would stay in the pending state. There was no error notification on the subsequent attempt to another IP address, the installation state just stayed at “Pending”. A workaround was to restart the TM server. A fix was released to address this issue.
Bug Fix Both Improved departmental reporting on Combined Report dashboard widget. A bug prevented the Group by Department option under the Combined Report widget's settings not work properly. This is now fixed.
Improvement Both Improved Dashboard for department managers. Department managers accounts were previously missing dashboards on the Enterprise and Focus dashboard screens. This is now added.
Bug Fix Both Improved Department configuration screen. Sometimes, the CONFIGURE > Departments screen would show deleted employees on the list of employees panel. This is fixed now.
Bug Fix Both Improved Employees export report. Incorrect formatting resulted in null values to appear in the export reports from the Employees screen, specifically in the "Last login time" column. This is now fixed.
Bug Fix Both Improved Access Control and Time Cards report. The access control policy settings were ignored when editing time on behalf of a non-admin. For example, if a non-admin user tried to create or edit time on the Time Cards report, it would show "Restricted" even though the user was allowed to enter/edit time. This bug is fixed now.
Bug Fix Both Improved Access Control and Dashboards. A bug in the access control policy settings allowed an employee to see themselves on the Focus Dashboard despite being not allowed on the list of approved access targets. This bug is fixed now.
Improvement Both Improved Behavior Rules. Validity checks for various condition fields (e.g., total time active) are being implemented to prevent invalid values.
Bug Fix Both Improved Anomaly Rules. A bug caused an anomaly rule targeting only members of a specific department getting triggered for users not part of that department. This is fixed now.
Bug Fix Both Improved OCR Rules. A bug caused an OCR rule triggering for employees that are members of a department that is excluded from the rule. This is fixed now.
Bug Fix Both Improved Agent Schedule-based rules. A bug prevented a Scheduled Work Time rule to trigger properly. E.g., when an employee worked less than their scheduled time, the rule wouldn't detect it. A similar case was happening with the Ends Early rule gave false positive. Both of these are fixed now.
Bug Fix Both Improved search on the OCR report. Due to a bug, sometimes a regular expression-based search on the OCR report would return a 500 error code. For example, if you tried to search for *log* you would get this error. This is now fixed.
Bug Fix Both Improved System Log report. In some rare situations, the SYSTEM > System Log report would incorrectly report the 2FA state. This is now fixed.
Bug Fix Both There were several improvements made to the Employee Profile. First, in some cases, any changes to the MONITORING OPTIONS under an employee's profile would not save properly. Another issues was, if you changed the employee email under the PERSONAL INFO tab and then clicked the RESEND button, it won't save the email. The third bug was, sometime it won't let an employee edit the profile (by clicking the My Profile option under the user's name). All of these are now fixed.
Improvement Both Improved Teramind API. API endpoint for a single department now returns the expected behavior.
Improvement Both Numerous performance and speed improvements.
Improvement Both General security enhancements and hardening.


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