Windows Agent 0.1.265 (2022-02-16)

Type Notes
New Added a new condition 'Request Type' under the Activities Rules > Webpages. This rule supports two parameters: Webpage visited (includes visited pages, pages opened through an iframe, and downloaded files) and Requested resource (requests for static content - JS, CSS, images, etc., as well as API requests).
Improvement Improved support for the Microsoft Edge browser. On some Edge browser versions (92.0.902.62 and above), the webpage would show the page code. This was due to a bug on how the Teramind Agent injected the proxy code. This is now fixed.
Improvement Improved support for MS Teams. In some cases, online meetings and chat on MS Teams were not captured properly. This bug is fixed now.
Improvement Improved keystrokes tracking on websites. Due to a bug, sometimes the password field would get captured on some webpages even though the MONITOR KEYSTROKES FOR PASSWORD FIELDS option is disabled under the Websites Monitoring Settings. This is now fixed.
Improvement Improved Email-based rule. Sometimes, a DLP rule might block an email from sending for the first time but would fail to block on retry. This is now fixed.
Improvement Improved File Transfer monitoring. A bug prevented the Monitoring profiles -> File Transfers -> 'Do not monitor these locations' option not working for the delete action. This is now fixed.
Improvement Improved CPU usage. Agent will not consume any CPU if monitoring is disabled.
Improvement Fixed Revealed Agent wake up behavior. After the computer wakes up from the sleep mode, you might see the Revealed Agent window grayed, unresponsive, with an empty tasks list and running progress bar in the bottom of the window. This bug is fixed now.
Improvement Improved alerts for content-based rules. Sometimes a content rule to detect credit card numbers might generate incorrect alert description. This is now fixed.
Improvement Improved monitoring of WhatsApp web downloading/uploading activities. The URL for file uploaded or downloaded from is now correctly registered. Previously, it was recorded under the File Transfers report.
Improvement Improved agent privacy. Sometimes temporary files for email attachments are not deleted. This is fixed now.
Improvement Fixed some file driver issues.
Improvement Various other behavior policy improvements.
Improvement Numerous performance and speed improvements.
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