Release 582 (2022-02-03)

Type Cloud / On-Premise Notes
New Both Added the ability to accept file paths in the EXCEPT field for file-based rules
New Both Added the ability to detect folder operations (e.g., create/rename/access/delete folders) in Behavior Rules
New Both Added two new access control options, Allow to execute and view report export and Allow to execute and view video export. You can find these options under the 'CONFIGURE > Access control > Permissions > View'.
New Both Confirmation will now be required when deleting exported report from 'SYSTEM > Report export' screen.
New Both A warning/confirmation dialog box will be shown when clicking an external link from the Monitoring Reports.
Improvement On-Premise Improved SIEM integration. In some occations, the APP CLOSED, TEXT COPIED and USER LOGS IN event may not be reported properly. This bug is fixed now.
Improvement Both Improved Online Meetings report. There was a bug where if you tried to toggle the monitoring of Online Meetings on/off several times, it would lead to an error. The bug is fixed now.
Improvement Both Improved alert description. In some occassions, the Description column on the Alerts report would get turnicated. Especially, if the SHOW TRIGGERS option is disabled. The bug is fixed now.
Improvement Both Improved SSO authentication. There were three updates made: 1) Added the ability to download SSO Public Key. It should be downloaded as an XML file with authnrequestssigned=true (by the EXPORT AS XML FILE button). 2) WANT ASSERTIONS SIGNED option is turned off by default. 3) TERAMIND ENTITY ID is now editable. All these can be accessed from the Settings > Security screen under the Single Sign On Authentication section.
Improvement On-Premise Improved Active Directory support. There was a bug which sometimes prevented the USE DOMAIN NAME REMAPPING parameter loaded/written to the database properly. This is now fixed. The option is available on Settings > Active Directory screen.
Improvement Both Improved Dashboard widgets. In some cases, the State of Employee and the Online Employees widgets were not updating in real-time. The Combined Report also had a bug where the sorting by employee feature would not work. These bugs are fixed now.
Improvement Both Improved 'SYSTEM > System Log' report. A fix was made so that an employee with access control policy granting access to the SYSTEM > System Log, should not see the Click here to view details in the Details column.
Improvement Both Improved System Log report. For example, now changes made in the Security Settings will show up on SYSTEM > System Log report.
Improvement Both Improved BI Reports. A bug prevented the proper display of BI reports of an employee/department when an access control policy was set for both the department and employee.
Improvement Both Improved access levels. A fix was made so that Department Managers cannot delete computers anymore.
Improvement Both Numerous performance and speed improvements.
Improvement Both General security enhancements and hardening.


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