Release 571 (2021-11-22)

Type Cloud / On-Premise Notes
New Both Added the ability to export BI reports without creating a Zip file. Now it’s possible to export chart widgets and grids widgets separately. 
New Both Added a 'No position' option to the EMPLOYEES > Edit Info screen.
Improvement On-Premise Improved Active Directory support. For example, LDAP attribute 'name' in  BI REPORTS > Productivity > Overview tab; bug fix for AD fields exports, etc.
Improvement Both Improved Alert descriptions. For example, fixed incorrect alert descriptions on the BI REPORTS > Behavior Alerts tab; correct display of link in emailed BI Reports, etc.
Improvement Both Updated Teramind API. There was a bug where an unknown role ID could be passed to the /tm-api/agent/{agent_id} method causing it to reset the role. This is now fixed. Improvements were also made where it will now return an error code if you tried to save an integration with an empty host field.
Improvement Both Improved Web Time Tracker. There was a fix to avoid unwanted behavior in a few cases such as, clock-out timeout; fixed an issue with HTML encoding of user name, etc.
Improvement Both Improved BI Reports. For example, fixed an issue where in rare occasions, it would display IDs in the Filter panel instead of names for Employees, Departments, Tasks, etc. Other improvements include the removal of 'View record' option for Anomaly Rules, Fixed the Description columns on the Grid widgets, etc.
Improvement Both Improved Live Montage widget. Sometimes this widget would show the computer names instead of user names and get stuck at the loading message. This is now fixed.
Improvement Both Improved Behavior Rules. For example, improved how the system handles deleted anomaly rules on the BI REPORTS > Behavior Alerts report; there was also a fix for the File Rule where some Drive conditions would show incorrect behavior.
Improvement Both Improved integrations support. Improvements were made to add port value validation (e.g. 1 to 65535). Other bugs were addressed too, such as, a fix for the settings preview not working properly, etc.
Improvement Both Improved System Log report. For example, now changes made in the Security Settings will show up on SYSTEM > System Log report.
Improvement Both Improved 'Add/Remove Time' option on the MONITORING > Screen snapshots report. Previously in rare cases it would not show assigned tasks properly. This is now fixed.
Improvement Both Improved SSO Authentication. Added a toggle button, ASSIGN AUTHORIZATION REQUESTS toggle on the Security screen under the Single Sign On Authentication section.
Improvement Both Improved Video Export. Fixed a bug where on rare occasions, video exports were not displayed properly; return correct code if for some reasons, a task is not added to the export queue, etc.
Improvement Both Improved Emails report. For example, fixed the HTML encoding on the BI Reports > Emails report.
Improvement Both General security enhancements and hardening. For example, force user authorization on the recovery form; show only own videos on the SYSTEM > Video export screen for non-admin users; upgraded the teraweb server (PHP from 5.6 to 7, NGINX from 1.14 to 1.20, and Debian from 8 to 10).
Improvement Both Numerous performance and speed improvements.


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