Release 563 (2021-08-06)

Type Cloud / On-Premise Notes
New On-Premise Added the ability to login without a domain for Active Directory LDAP Authentication
New Both Added support for Shared Lists in the DON'T MONITOR WEB TRAFFIC FOR THESE IPS field under the Websites Monitoring Settings
New Both Added the ability to delete reports from the Systems > Report Export screen
Improvement Both Updated Teramind API
Improvement Both Improved BI Reports
Improvement Both Improved Access Tokens
Improvement Both Updated integration steps for Jira
Improvement Both Improved Anomaly Rules
Improvement Both Better support for Firefox (ver 86.0 - 89.0.2) and other browsers Edge, IE, Chrome, Brave, Tor, Opera
Improvement Both General security enhancements and hardening
Improvement Both Numerous performance and speed improvements
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