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Introduction to the Schedules

The Schedules screen allows you to manage schedules for your employees and contractors. You can control employee work time, lunch breaks, days off etc. This information is then used by other Teramind modules. For example, in the Agent Schedule-based rules, in the Productivity Reports or for calculating payroll etc.


This screen has two tabs. The SCHEDULING tab allows you to create/edit the  daily and weekly schedules for your employees. The TEMPLATES tab allows you to create/edit templates to make managing schedules for large groups easier.


Note that you can also create schedules for various positions in your organization. Check out the Positions section for more information.

Accessing the Schedules Menu

  1. Hover your mouse over the CONFIGURE menu, then
  2. Select Schedules from the sub-menu.

Adding a New Employee


  1. Click the NEW EMPLOYEE button near the bottom. This will pop-up the New employee window where you can add a new employee, configure their account details, monitoring options, etc. Check out the entering/editing employee profiles section for more information.

Combined vs Daily Schedules

  1. Click the COMBINED or DAILY button near the top-right corner to switch between a Combined view and a Daily view. On the Combined view, days with the same shift/time slots are combined in a single column while in the Daily view each shift is shown as a separate column.

Managing Employee Schedules

  1. You can manage schedules for individual employees from the SCHEDULING tab.

Notifying Employees About Schedule Changes

You can send a notification to employees or departments of any schedule changes.

  1. Click the NOTIFY EMPLOYEES button at the top right-corner of the SCHEDULING screen. A pop-up window will open.
  1. Select the employees you want to inform from the list of employees.
  2. Select a period.
  3. Optionally, add a comment.
  4. Click the APPLY CHANGES to send the notification.

Managing Weekly Employee Schedules


  1. Click the name of an employee on the SCHEDULING screen. You can also click the ADD SCHEDULE button if the employee does not have a schedule already assigned. A pop-up window will be displayed:
  1. You can select an existing template to populate the schedules for the weekdays.
  2. Click on an empty Work time slider to add hours to it.
  3. Drag the Circles mceclip7.png on a slider to adjust its hours.
  4. Click on a day’s name, for example, Tuesday, to turn it on/off (make it a workday/off day). If all the days are turned off for the week, the schedule will be deleted/removed from the employee.
  5. Use the Allowed break field to assign break hours.
  6. Click the Matched List icon to make all hours match with the first day’s hour.
  7. Click the APPLY CHANGES button to save the schedule.

Managing Daily Employee Schedules and Day Offs

  1. Click on a day’s time slot/shift or an empty day on the SCHEDULING screen. A pop-up window will appear:
  1. You can edit the work time and breaks the same way you do for multiple days.
  2. You can delete the shift (turn the day off).
  3. To assign/cancel a day off, click the SET DAY OFF or DEACTIVE DAY OFF.
  4. Click the APPLY CHANGES button to save the changes.

Batch Schedule Editing

This feature allows you to add a schedule to a group of employees at once instead of editing them one by one.


  1. Click the BATCH SCHEDULE EDITING button near the top right-corner of the SCHEDULING screen. An Edit schedule pop-up window will open.


  1. This is similar to editing a Weekly Employee Schedule, the only additional option is an Employees field where you can select and assign multiple employees to the schedule.

Schedule Templates

Adding a New Schedule Template

  1. From the TEMPLATES tab, click the ADD TEMPLATE button at the top-right corner. A pop-up window will open:
  1. Give the template a name.
  2. You can edit the rest of the template the same way you would edit a weekly employee schedule. Please follow the Managing Weekly Employee Schedules to learn how to edit the schedule.

Editing / Deleting a Schedule Template

  1. Click on a template name. A pop-up will open.
  1. Change the template name if needed.
  2. You can edit the template the same way you would edit a weekly employee schedule. Please follow the instructions on Managing Weekly Employee Schedules to learn how to edit a template.
  3. Click the Trash Can mceclip6.pngicon to delete the template. You can also click on the day names (i.e. Monday, Tuesday etc.) to turn them off. If all the days are turned off for the week, the template will be deleted/removed.
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