Mac Agent 23.44.4817 (2023-11-13)

Bug Fixes

Notifications wouldn't be Shown if the Agent was Running

Due to a bug, no system/app notifications would be shown if the Agent was running.

The bug seemed to affect both the Hidden and Revealed Agents on Agent version 226 and newer.

The bug is fixed now so that all notifications will be shown:

Offline Screen Recordings from the Hidden Agent would Show Artifacts

Due to a bug, offline screen recordings from the Hidden Agent would show artifacts such as black areas when played on the Session Player:

The bug seemed to affect Agent version 237 but other versions might be affected too.

The bug is fixed now. 

No Websites Activity Report for the Opera Browser

Due to a bug in the URL parser, no activity report for the Opera browser would be displayed on reports like BI Reports > Applications & Websites, Monitoring > Web Pages & Applications, Employees > Employee's Details > Activity Log, etc.

The bug is fixed now so that the website activities on Opera will be displayed as expected:


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