Mac Agent 23.43.4816 (2023-11-08)

New Features

Network Extension Parameter to Resolve DNS Name

Usually, if the networking monitoring is enabled, then all network connections are redirected to the Agent by their corresponding IP addresses. However, sometimes, if a proxy server is present, the Agent might receive DNS names instead of IP addresses for some of the connections. In some rare situations, this might affect the Agent's network monitoring functionality. Or, you might just want to view the IP addresses instead of the DNS names.

We have added the ability to resolve DNS names to IP addresses. A new parameter, dns-resolve-extension can be added to the Teramind Agent Configuration file (located in: /usr/local/teramind/agent/etc/agent.conf) to toggle this feature:


Where, 0 will turn the DNS name resolving feature off and 1 will turn it on. Note that for all new Agent installations, the dns-resolve-extension=1 will be added to the configuration file automatically, but you can edit it later.

Once the feature is enabled, you should be able to verify that DNS resolving is working as expected from the browser's console log. Visit any site, and you should see a message from com.teramind.networkextension process that reads something like <FlowCopier.Writer> resolving dns_name to ip_address. For example:

Bug Fixes

Some File Activities would be Captured & Reported Incorrectly

Due to a bug, some file operations wouldn't be captured properly by the Agent. For example, the full destination path wouldn't be captured for the Rename operation. Because of this, folder names would be shown as file names and, usually, an empty extension would be displayed on reports like BI Reports > File Events, Monitoring > File Transfers, etc.:

The bug is fixed now so the correct file names and extensions will be reported:

Follow-on Links from a Web Page to Other Web Pages not Captured by the Network Extension

Due to a bug, the Network Extension (NetApp) wouldn't capture visits to any links from one webpage to other page(s). Teramind proxy certificate wouldn't be injected into the follow-on webpage(s). For example, if you visited and then clicked a news link that took you to, the page would display the original certificate (e.g., from GlobalSign nv-sa) instead of the Teramind proxy certificate (Internet Widgits Pty Ltd):

Because of this issue, a Webpages-rule with the Webpage Url criterion like the one below might not work as expected:

The rule would get triggered when the user first visits the home page, However, subsequent visits to follow-on links (e.g., wouldn't be triggered.

The bug is fixed now.

Network Extension Damage would Prevent Agent Uninstallation

Due to a bug, sometimes the Network Extension (NetApp) would become corrupted. The user would see some error messages pop up when trying to uninstall the Agent:

The Agent could only be deleted manually by restarting the Mac.

The bug is fixed now.

Removal Activities via the Bin not Captured 

Due to a bug, sometimes the Agent would fail to track if you removed a file/folder via the bin (e.g., drag the file in the Bin or press the Command+Delete key, and then empty the Bin). As a result, the activity would be missing from reports like Monitoring > File Transfers or BI Reports > File Events.

This could happen if you had any shared files or folders on your Mac.

The bug is fixed now so that the removal operation will be captured and displayed on the File Transfers reports:

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