Windows Agent 23.39.1210 (2023-10-30)


New Versioning Scheme

Similar to the Mac Agents, from now on, we will be using a new versioning scheme for the Windows Agents: <YY.WW.BUILDNO[-count]>. Where,

YY The last two digits of the current year
WW Week number
BUILDNO Build number
[-count] The build serial. This will be present only if the build is provided multiple times in a week.

You can see what version of the Agent it installed from the Revealed Agent UI and on the Dashboard:

The new scheme will simplify version control and help admins keep track of which computers have which agent installed. Especially, if you are using a custom agent, it will help decide what/when you need to update.

Bug Fixes

Agent Update wouldn't Update the Network Driver

Due to a bug, updating the Agent wouldn't update the Teramind Network Driver (tm_filter.sys). Since the driver is responsible for most of the network services, any new features and bug fixes related to network monitoring wouldn't be available. It might also cause other unexpected issues.

The bug is fixed now so that the network driver will be updated as expected:


Hidden Agent:

On the Hidden Agent, tm_filter.sys is located in:


Here, the <agent_version_number> is the Agent version number such as 23.39.1181. So, an example would be:


Revealed Agent:

On, the Revealed Agent, the tm_filter.sys is located in:

C:\ProgramData\Teramind Agent\23.37.1175\{CB18EB96-6327-4899-8994-B57A728A54AE}\driver\tm_filter\<OS>\<OS-bit>

Here, <OS> is the operating system. For example, windows8, windows10, etc. <OS-bit> can be either x64 or x86. So, an example would be:

C:\ProgramData\Teramind Agent\23.37.1175\{CB18EB96-6327-4899-8994-B57A728A54AE}\driver\tm_filter\windows10\x64>

Installing the Hidden Agent After Removing a Previous Version Would Cause a Reboot

Due to a bug with the Teramind Agent Remover tool (teramind-remover.exe), if you removed a Hidden Agent and then tried to install the Agent again, it would cause a forced reboot by Windows.

This would happen because the remover tool wouldn't remove the tmfsdrv2_* folders from the driver store folder. For example: 


The bug is fixed now so that the tmfsdrv2_* folders will be removed by the Teramind Agent Remover tool.

Auto-update of the Agent Would Cause a Reboot

Due to a bug, during the auto-update process of a Stealth Agent or a Revealed Agent would cause a forced reboot by Windows.

The bug is fixed now.

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