Mac Agent 23.41.4797 (2023-10-26)

New Features

Support for File Transfers Monitoring on External Drives

In Mac Agent 23.35.4749, we introduced support for File Transfers monitoring. However, you could only monitor the Users folder.

Now, we are enabling the TRACK EXTERNAL DRIVES option on the Monitoring Settings > Monitoring Profile > File Transfers panel that will let you toggle file transfers on external drives:

You will be able to view the file transfer activities on reports like the BI Reports > File Events, Monitoring > File Transfers and Employees > Employee's Details > File Transfers tab:

Support for Monitoring Locked Sessions

Previously, you couldn't monitor any locked sessions. A locked session is when the user chooses the "Lock Screen” command, a screen saver is activated, or an RDP (remote desktop session) window is minimized.

Now, we are enabling the RECORD LOCKED SESSIONS option on the Monitoring Settings > Monitoring Profile > Screen panel that will let you toggle monitoring of the locked sessions:


  • If you enable this option, the user will see a “Your screen is being observed” message near the top-right corner of the screen
  • This option affects how the user's work time, idle time, session time, etc. are calculated and what information is displayed on the Dashboard. Please check out the notes about locked session monitoring under the Monitoring Settings > Editing Screen Settings section of the User Guide.

New Agent Configuration Parameter to Exclude Network Traffic

We have introduced a new Agent Configuration Parameter, network-exclude-bundles that will let you exclude application bundles from the network driver. You can add the parameter to the agent.conf file to exclude applications by their bundle IDs. For example:


You can add multiple bundle IDs separated by commas (no spaces), for example:



  • The agent.conf is located in your Agent installation folder, e.g., Macintosh HD > usr > local > teramind > agent > etc.
  • When an application is excluded using the network-exclude-bundles parameter, the Agent will no longer track any network activity on the app. For example, if you specified,network-exclude-bundles=desktop.WhatsApp, Teramind will not capture any instant messages/chats or online meetings for WhatsApp.
  • When a browser is excluded using the network-exclude-bundles parameter, the Agent will no longer inject the Teramind proxy certificate, "Internet Widgits Pty Ltd" to any web pages visited on the browser:
  • You can find an application's bundle ID by using a tool like the osascript. Run the following command on your Terminal:
    osascript -e 'id of app "app_name"'
    Where, app_name is the application name. For example, Opera, Google Chrome, etc. The command will return the bundle ID:

Bug Fixes

"System Monitoring is capturing your screen" Message on macOS Sonoma (Hidden Agent)

Due to some changes introduced in macOS Sonoma (macOS 14), it would show a pop-up message, "System Monitoring is capturing your screen" on the menu bar:

The Agent is updated so this message will not be displayed anymore.

Inactive User Shown as Online After Reconnect (Hidden Agent)

Due to a bug, an inactive user would be shown as Online  (e.g., a green dot next to the user's profile picture) on the Dashboard after the Agent reconnects from a network disconnect event:

After a few moments, the status would change to Idle (e.g., a red icon next to the user's profile picture) and the time would be counted towards the user's idle time. This would happen when there were multiple users on a computer.

The bug is fixed now.

Unable to Uninstall the Agent if No Installation Parameter Was Used

The Agent supports a few optional installation parameters. However, due to a bug, if none of the installation parameters were used (or, there is no agent.conf file, or the config.conf file is empty) the uninstallation process would get stuck at the delete_network_permissions stage:

The bug is fixed now.




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