Mac Agent 23.37.4752 (2023-09-18)

New Feature

Support for SOCKS Proxy

Many organizations and individuals use SOCKS proxy for security, compatibility, performance, or anonymity purposes. Previously, the Agent couldn't connect to its server if you were using any SOCKS proxy.

From this version, we are adding support for SOCKS proxy.

You can configure the proxy settings from the agent.conf file (usually located in your Agent installation folder, e.g., Macintosh HD > usr > local > teramind > agent > etc):

Here's an explanation of each parameter:

Parameter Description
socks-server SOCKS server address
socks-port Port
socks-user Username
socks-password Password
socks-version5 1 means use SOCKS 5 and 0 means use SOCKS 4

For more information about these and other parameters, please see the Agent Installation Parameters (Mac) section on the Agent installation article.

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