Windows Agent 23.35 (2023-09-15)

Bug Fixes

Instant Messaging Activities Not Captured for MS Teams Sometimes

Due to a bug, sometimes the Agent would fail to capture IM activities for Microsoft Teams. As a result, you wouldn't see these activities on reports like Monitoring > Instant Messaging. For the same reason, IM-based rules involving MS Teams might also fail to trigger.

This could occur when MS Teams used some special domains or web sockets to initiate the communications.

The bug is fixed now.

Updating the Hidden Agent Would Cause the System to Restart Sometimes

Due to a bug, when updating the Hidden/Stealth Agent, Windows would sometimes restart/reboot the computer without any notice. You might see a message on the Windows Event Log with the reason 0x80040002 Application: Installation (Planned):

The bug is fixed so that the Agent updater will not reboot the computer.

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