Mac Agent 23.35.4749 (2023-09-04)

New Features

Support for File Transfers Monitoring

We are adding support for monitoring file transfer activities. Once enabled, you will be able to capture users' file transfer activities such as Access, Copy, Read, Write, etc. on the Users folder* (including all the sub-folders). You can then view the reports on the Monitoring > File Transfers, BI Reports > File Events, etc:


  • Currently, only the Users folder* (including all the sub-folders) are monitored.
  • Currently, the following file events aren't monitored/supported:
    • Upload
    • Download
    • Web Upload
    • Web Download
  • Currently, the Monitoring Settings > Monitoring Profile > File Transfers option on the Dashboard doesn't have any effect. To enable file transfer monitoring, you will have to enable a macOS permission from the Terminal. To learn how to do so, please check out the following sections on the How to configure macOS permission settings article:
  • Currently, the FILES behavior rules aren't supported.
  • Currently, the FILE DRIVER and EXCLUDE PROCESSES FROM FILE DRIVER options on the Monitoring Settings > Advanced window aren't supported.
  • Currently, you cannot disable file transfer monitoring once enabled.
*The Users folder is one of the core folders on a Mac. It contains the Home folders of multiple users along with the Shared Folder. Essentially, it has all the data of individual users. users folder.png

Support for the Firefox Browser

Previously, Mac Agent could monitor user activities on the Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Brave browsers.

From this version, we are adding support for Mozilla Firefox. You will be able to see the user's browsing activities on the BI Reports > Applications & Websites, Monitoring > Web Pages & Applications reports, etc.:

New Versioning Scheme

From now on, Teramind will be using a new versioning scheme for the Mac Agents: <YY.WW.BUILDNO[-count]>. Where,

YY The last two digits of the current year
WW Week number
BUILDNO Build number
[-count] The build serial. This will be present only if the build is provided multiple times in a week.

The version will be included in the installer package name. For example, teramind-agent-stealth-20230831-23.35.101-i(b22f7ada24356d63e3a2d604e463e47bf178932c).pkg.

You will also be able to see the version number on the Revealed Agent UI and the Dashboard:

The new scheme will simplify version control and help admins keep track of which computers have which agent installed. Especially, if you are using a custom agent, it will help decide what/when you need to update.


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