Mac Agent 1.247 (2023-08-25)

Bug Fixes

Agent Installation/Uninstallation Issues with Multiple Active Users

Depending on the scenario, there were several issues identified when installing, uninstalling or reinstalling the Agent:

Scenario Actual Result Expected Result
  1. Install the agent for 1st user
  2. Give permissions including NetApp permission
  3. Switch to the 2nd user
2nd user gets a NetApp permissions prompt. The Agent should not request permission for the 2nd user because it was already given when the 1st user installed it.
  1. Log in as the 1st user
  2. Delete agent
The 2nd user stays online after the agent is removed. The Agent should be uninstalled for all users.
  1. Log in under both users
  2. Install the agent
None of the Agents can connect to the server (no users are shown on the Dashboard). The Agent should be installed and connected (multiple active users shown on the Dashboard).

The bugs seem to affect Agent version 1.234 but other versions might be affected too.

The bugs are fixed now.

Agent Would be Slow to Reconnect

In some situations, the Agent might take a long time to detect that it was disconnected from the server and needed to reconnect. For example, after waking up from sleep, VPN connection reset or other network disruptions.

During this period, the Revealed/Visible Agent would continue to run the task timer, but it wouldn't be recorded on the Agent's History tab or on the Dashboard. As a result, the user would lose time for that period:

On the other hand, the Silent/Hidden Agent would treat this as an offline session and active offline recording (if Offline Recording was enabled).

After the Agent recognized it was disconnected, it would reconnect and work as expected.

The bug seems to affect Agent versions 1.227, 1.239, 1.240 and 1.241.

The bug is fixed now so the Agent should try to reconnect as soon as it detects that it's disconnected from the server without losing any task time.

Current Task Not Displayed on the History Tab (Revealed Agent)

If you started a new task (that was never started during the current day) and try to view the task history soon after that (i.e., within 30 seconds or so), then the task will not be shown on the History tab:

This could happen due to a server lag. The Agent would request task history from the server and in some situations, there might be a delay due to a slow server/network connection.

We have made improvements so that the current task will immediately show up on the History tab.

Shared Lists Would Cause the Agent to Crash When Switching Users

If any Shared List was used, for example, in Monitoring Settings or Behavior Rules, the Agent would crash when switching between user accounts:

The bug seems to affect Agent version 1.244 but other versions might be affected too. It's fixed now.

Note: A similar bug was fixed on Agent version 1.244 (affecting version 242), but the root cause was different.

The Agent Would Collect Offline Data Even When Monitoring Was Disabled (Hidden Agent)

Due to a bug, the Hidden/Stealth Agent would collect offline data even if monitoring was disabled for a user on the Dashboard:

This would usually happen if you disabled the monitoring when the user was online/active. After restarting the computer or relaunching the Agent, the problem would go away.

The bug is fixed now.

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