Windows Agent 22.0 (2023-08-18)

Bug Fixes

Activities Not Tracked When Website Monitoring Was Suspended

When SUSPEND MONITORING WHEN THESE WEBSITES ARE VISITED option is used on the Monitoring Settings > Websites, instead of showing the actual activity (e.g., the actual web page visited by a user), the activity reports should the application/browser used.

However, due to a bug, nothing is shown in the Current Activity column on the Dashboard > ONLINE EMPLOYEES widget. Here's the actual result vs. the expected result:

And, on the Employees > Activity Log, the activity wouldn't show up at all. Here's the actual result vs. the expected result:

The bug is fixed so the activities will be displayed according to the expected results.

Uninstalling A Protected Agent Wouldn't Work (Hidden Agent)

Due to a bug, if you tried to uninstall a Protected Agent, it wouldn't work. The Agent would remain online.

The Agent Removal Tool might show a message that "Teramind Agent was successfully removed". However, the Agent installation folder would still remain and contain folders/files:

The bug is fixed now so the Protected Agent would be removed as expected.

TMROOTDIR Parameter Not Working As Expected (Hidden Agent)

By default, the Hidden/Stealth Agent uses \ProgramData\{4CEC2908-5CE4-48F0-A717-8FC833D8017A} as its default installation folder.

However, the TMROOTDIR installation parameter can be used to change this default location. For example, if you used the command below, all the Agent components should be placed inside the myagent folder:

msiexec /i teramind_agent_v0.1.249_x86.msi TMROOTDIR="c:\mygent"

But, due to a bug, the installer would create both the default folder and the myagent folder. It would then put some resources in the default folder and the rest in the myagent folder:

The issue seemed to affect Agent version 16.0, but other versions might be affected too.

The bug is fixed now so the Agent will place its resources only in the specified folder.

Clipboard Rule Would Crash Windows Calculator

If you had a rule like the one below, it would crash the Windows Calculator app when the rule was triggered:

In the above example, when you tried to copy a set of numbers that looked like a credit card number from an app (say, Microsoft Excel) and pasted it into the Calculator app, it would crash. No alert would appear on the BI Reports > Behavior Alerts or Behavior > Alerts reports either.

The issue seemed to affect Agent version 21.0, but other versions might be affected too.

The bug is fixed now.

Activity Rules To Detect RDP File Transfers Not Working

Due to a bug, an Activity-based rule like the one below would fail to detect any file transfer activity between an RDP Server (computer hosting the Remote Desktop) and an RDP Client (computer accessing the Remote Desktop):

The bug is fixed now.




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