Mac Agent 1.244 (2023-07-27)

Bug Fixes

Hidden Agent Wouldn't Resume Monitoring After Unlock or Wakeup

By default, the Agent pauses monitoring when the computer is locked or goes to sleep and automatically resumes when it's unlocked or wakes up from sleep.

However, due to a bug, monitoring wouldn't resume after the unlock or wakeup. As a result, activities wouldn't be recorded and you might see a blank screen if you tried to view the user's screen on the Session Player or the Live Montage widget on the Dashboard:

The bug is fixed now.

Hidden Agent Would Crash When Pressing the Option+§ Keys

Due to a bug in the keyboard processor module, the Agent would crash if you pressed the Option+§ keys combination. The § (Silcrow or Section Sign) key is usually found on some special keyboard layouts such as the ones found in Sweden, Switzerland, some UK keyboards, etc.:

mac special keyboard.png

The bug seems to affect Agent versions 1.240, 1.241 and 1.242 on macOS Monterey (version 12).

The bug is fixed now.

Multiple Bugs in Agent Version 1.240

Several bugs were identified in Mac Agent 1.240 and fixed in this version. The bugs were:

1. Multiple/Duplicate Alerts Triggered for Webpages Rules

Multiple alerts for a single web activity would be triggered when using a Webpages-based rule similar to the example below:

2. Webpages Rules Wouldn't Get Triggered on Big Sur

Webpages-based rules wouldn't get triggered on Big Sur 1.0.1.

3. Revealed Agent Would Reconnect When Starting a Task

When a task was started, the Agent would disconnect and try to reconnect:

This would happen due to a bug in the network monitoring extension (NetApp) and would usually occur only once after each reboot.

Network Connection Wouldn't Work Over IPv6

Due to a bug in the network extension (NetApp) module, network connections would get blocked if IPv6 is used. You might see a browser error, ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE (page not working) when trying to visit a website:

The bug would occur if networking monitoring was enabled on Agent version 1.242 on macOS10.15 or higher versions.

As a temporary fix, the Agent will skip any connection that uses IPv6. In a future version, we will provide enhanced IPv6 filtering.

Shared Lists Would Cause the Agent to Crash When Switching Users

If any Shared List was used, for example, in Monitoring Settings or Behavior Rules, the Agent would crash when switching between user accounts:

The bug seems to affect Agent version 1.242 but other versions might be affected too. It's fixed now.



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