Mac Agent 1.243 (2023-07-20)

Bug Fixes

Certificate Not Removed When Uninstalling the Agent

The Agent installs a proxy certified under the name, Internet Widgits Pty Ltd when network monitoring is enabled. The certificate should be removed when the Agent is uninstalled. However, due to a bug, the certificate would remain on the computer and can be seen on the Mac Keychain/Keychain Access:

The bug is fixed now so that the proxy certificated will be removed when the Agent is uninstalled.

Agent Would Crash When Switching Between Users (Hidden Agent)

Due to a bug, the Hidden/Stealth Agent would crash if two or more users were using the Agent and one of them went offline. This could happen in the following scenario:

  1. User 1 logs in,

  2. The computer is then switched to User 2,

  3. The Agent gets disconnected on User 2 due to network interruption or similar reasons,

  4. The Agent reconnects and the User 2 session continues to work normally,

  5. The computer is switched back to User 1,

  6. The Agent crashes under User 1.

The bug would be caused due to a synchronization issue with the offline recording feature. It's now fixed so that user switching and offline mode wouldn't cause the Agent to crash anymore.


Cleaner Applications & Websites Reports

Before this improvement, some system events such as screen lock/unlock, screensaver activation, fast switching, etc. would show up on the activities reports such as Monitoring > Web Pages & Applications and BI Reports > Applications & Websites. The duration of these processes would usually be for a few seconds:

We made improvements so that these events will no longer be displayed on the reports making the dashboard cleaner and streamlined.

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