Mac Agent 1.242 (2023-07-11)

New Features

Support for Additional Network Monitoring Settings

On version 1.238, we introduced support for a few Network Monitoring Settings on Mac.

Now, we are adding support for the rest of the options under Monitoring Settings > Monitoring Profile > Network:

Here's a description of the new options being supported:

  • TRACK ONLY THESE IPS: allows you to monitor specific IP(s) only. You can enter IP addresses (e.g., or use Network-based Shared Lists.
  • DO NOT TRACK THESE IPS: does the opposite of TRACK ONLY THESE IPS.
  • TRACK ONLY THESE PORTS: allows you to track only certain ports. For example, 25, 443, etc.
  • TRACK PROCESSES - allows you to specify which network processes to track. You can use process names (e.g.,, com.brave.browser, etc.) or Text-based Shared Lists.
Note that TRACK ONLY THESE IPS and TRACK ONLY THESE PORTS have higher priority than the DO NOT TRACK THESE IPS and DO NOT TRACK THESE PORTS settings. For example, suppose you specified the IP in the TRACK ONLY THESE IPS field but then used a Shared List in the DO NOT TRACK THESE IPS which also had these IPs:,,, etc. In this situation, will be monitored (and the rest of the IPs in the Shared List will not be monitored).

Offline Recoding Support for Keystrokes on the Hidden Agent

On version 1.237, we introduced offline recording support for Screen and Application activities and on version 1.241, we added support for Printing.

Now, we are adding offline recording support for Keystrokes.

Once enabled, the Agent will capture all the offline keystrokes and send them to the server asynchronously when it comes back online. The keystrokes will show up on the BI Reports > Keystrokes and Monitoring > Keystrokes reports the same way the online keystrokes appear.

You can enable offline recording from Monitoring Settings > Monitoring profile > Offline Recording:

Note that currently only the OFFLINE RECORDING BUFFER LENGTH (HRS) option is supported on the Offline Recording settings panel. It allows you to specify how long the Teramind Agent will continue to record user actions while the user is disconnected from the internet or Teramind server. The default value is 24 hours.

Also, note that you will need to enable Keystrokes monitoring to be able to capture any keystrokes activities - online or offline.

Option to Change the Process Name of the Hidden Agent

We are providing customers the option to change the process name of the Hidden/Silent Agent.

By default, the Agent shows up as "System Monitoring" on the Mac's Activity Monitor, Accessibility Permission, Screen Recording Permission, etc.:

The ability to change the process name will allow you to obfuscate the Agent, so that it will not be obvious to a regular user that the Agent is running.

Windows Agent has been able to do that since version 6.1. Now, we are bringing this feature to the Mac Agent. However, there's a slight difference.

On Windows, you can use an installation parameter (TMAGENTEXE) to change the process name yourself. However, macOS doesn't allow you to change a process name this way. Teramind will have to build you a custom Agent Installer to do that.

If you need to change the Agent's process name, please reach out to or contact us over the Chat option from your Teramind Dashboard or our website. We will provide you with an Agent Installer with a custom process name of your choice.

Bug Fixes

Slow Network Performance After Updating the Agent

Due to a bug, the network performance would degrade after updating the Agent to version 1.241. The root cause of the issue was the Network Extension (NetApp). It wasn't updated properly due to version controls.

The bug is fixed now.


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