Windows Agent 17.0 (2023-07-05)

New Features

Support for Tracking ChatGPT Searches/Conversations

ChatGPT and similar AI bots are becoming very popular these days. However, there might be certain risks associated with using such tools in a business without some kind of oversight. One reason being cited is that, employees could unwittingly disclose confidential information, business secrets, personnel information, or other sensitive data when seeking help from the AI bot. Another reason might be, a business might want to prevent their proprietary information from becoming the property of the AI vendors or turning up in the public domain. Companies might also have other less critical yet important concerns when using AI bots. For example, the bot might return inaccurate or outdated information.

This is why, we are adding support for tracking ChatGPT searches/conversations so that you can monitor its proper usage among your employees.

As part of this feature, any user prompts (conversations) on the ChatGPT website ( will be tracked:

You will be able to view the results on the Monitoring > Searches and BI Reports > Searches reports:

Note that at the moment, only the user's inputs are captured; ChatGPT responses aren't captured.

Support for the New Microsoft Outlook Client

We are proactively adding support for the new Outlook desktop client that's currently being rolled out by Microsoft as a preview version through their Insider channels:


At the moment, the following new Outlook versions are supported:

  • Beta Channel: 1.2023.516.100
  • Current Channel: 1.2023.516.100 (Production)

You should be able to track incoming/outgoing emails, capture attachments, and apply behavior rules to these new versions of Outlook in addition to the existing versions.

Note that since this is a preview product, our support for it might change in the future.


Support for IPv6 for Web Sockets and HTTP/HTTPS Servers

Before this release, the Agent used (IPv4) to communicate with the web pages using tm.filter as the domain name. However, some customers might need to use localhost for compatibility and other reasons. Also, Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers such as Microsoft Edge might resolve the localhost to ::1 (IPv6).

To support these use cases, we have added support for ::1 so that the Agent can now communicate with web pages over IPv6.

Support for Ignoring Default User Profiles (Hidden/Silent Agent)

'defaultuser' or 'Other user' profiles are usually created when you use Windows for the first time but they can also be created during a Windows update or for some other reasons.

On the Teramind Dashboard, if you had the CREATE NEW USERS ON FIRST CONNECTION option enabled under the Settings > Agent defaults screen, these default users would be added to Teramind as new employees automatically. They would look something like: defaultuser0, defaultuser2, defaultuser100001, etc.:

If you had the ENABLE MONITORING FOR NEW AGENTS BY DEFAULT option enabled, monitoring for these new users would also be enabled tying up your Teramind licenses and sometimes causing over-license issues:

We have added support for ignoring Windows' default user profiles by default* so that they will no longer be added to Teramind even if the CREATE NEW USERS ON FIRST CONNECTION option is enabled.

If, for some reason, you want to monitor these default profiles, a special setting can be used to re-enable the feature. Please contact to learn how to do it.

Bug Fixes

Unable to Connect to Zoom

Due to a bug, you might see an error message, "Unable to establish secure connection to Zoom" or "Unable to connect to server" when trying to use Zoom:

This issue could occur if you uninstalled the Agent at some point and then reinstalled it, upgraded the Agent, or switched from one Agent to another. This might leave duplicate copies of the Quick Web Proxy certificate in the Windows Certificate Storage causing Zoom unable to verify the correct certificate.

The bug is fixed now.

Note that while this error can be caused by the Teramind Agent, there might be other issues that might prevent Zoom from establishing connections to its server. Especially, this has been a known error affecting some macOS users. If after updating the Agent doesn't fix your problem, please consult Zoom Support.

Google Chat Would Show "Trying to connect to chat..." Error

Due to some recent changes in Google Chat, you might have seen an error message, "Trying to connect to chat. The latest conversations could not be loaded" when participating in a conversation. The message would pop up on the screen for a few seconds and then disappear automatically:

While this didn't seem to affect the chat conversations, we have proactively addressed the issue so that any potential loss of monitoring can be avoided.

Rule to Detect Content Upload to Google Drive Wouldn't Work for Large Files

Due to a bug, a Content Sharing rule based on the Upload condition to Google Drive wouldn't trigger for files greater than 1 MB. Here's an example of such a rule:

The bug is fixed now so that files up to 100 MB should be detected.

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