Mac Agent 1.241 (2023-07-05)

New Features

Offline Recoding Support for Printing Activities (Hidden/Stealth Agent)

In Mac Agent version 1.237, we introduced offline recording support for Screens and Applications.

From this version, the Agent will support offline recording of Printing activities.

Once enabled, the Agent will capture all the offline printing activities and send them to the server when it comes back online. The activities will show up on the BI Reports > Printing and Monitoring > Printing reports the same way the online printing activities appear.

You can enable offline recording from Monitoring Settings > Monitoring profile > Offline Recording:

Note that currently only the OFFLINE RECORDING BUFFER LENGTH (HRS) option is supported on the Offline Recording settings panel. It allows you to specify how long the Teramind Agent will continue to record user actions while the user is disconnected from the internet or Teramind server. The default value is 24 hours.

Also, note that you will need to enable Printed Doc monitoring to be able to capture any printing activities - online or offline. You can configure printer monitoring from the Monitoring Settings > Monitoring profile screen:

Support for the Brave Browser

We are adding support for the Brave browser:

You will be able to monitor a user's web activities on the Brave browser under the BI Reports > Applications & Websites, Monitoring > Web Pages & Applications or the Employees > Employee's Details > Activity Log reports:

Bug Fixes

High CPU Usage for Certain Tasks When Network Extension Is Enabled

The Agent uses the network extension (NetApp) to monitor network activities. However, due to a bug, when running activities with high network usage such as uploading/downloading large files, the CPU usage for the NetApp (com.teramind.networkextension) would jump. On the Activity Monitor, it would show 70%-120% CPU usage for an Intel-based Mac:

On M1-based Macs, the usage might not be as high but still significant (about 40%).

The bug seems to affect Agent versions 1.236 and 1.237 but other versions might be affected too.

The bug is fixed now so that the CPU usage should be stable and and within the acceptable range (about 20%).

Arrow Keys Captured Incorrectly by the Keystrokes Reports

Due to a bug, arrow keys would be displayed as <Fn+Right>, <Fn+Left>, etc. on the BI Reports > Keystrokes and Monitoring > Keystrokes reports despite the Fn key not being pressed:

The bug seems to affect Agent version 1.236 but other versions might be affected too.

The bug is fixed now so that the Fn key will not be displayed when the arrow keys are pressed.

HTTPS URLs on Google Chrome Captured as HTTP on the Applications & Websites Reports

Due to a bug, secure websites (HTTPS URLs) on Google Chrome would be displayed as HTTP URLs on the BI Reports > Applications & Websites and Monitoring > Web Pages & Applications reports:

The bug seems to affect macOS Ventura 13.3.1 but other versions might be affected too.

The bug is fixed now so that HTTPS websites are captured properly on Google Chrome.


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