Mac Agent 1.240 (2023-06-26)

New Features

Behavior Rules: Support for Tracking Secure Connections on All Popular Browsers

The Agent now has the ability to decrypt the HTTPS/TLS traffic. This will give you the ability to create Webpages-based behavior rules - warn user and block the connection. This capability is applicable for all HTTP clients and browsers.

As part of the feature, a proxy certificate will be injected into the websites to monitor HTTPS/TLS traffic. This certificate is currently signed by our root certificate Internet Widgits Pty Ltd, which acts as the CA for the domain’s certificate:

Note: the CA details might change in a future release.

Behavior Rules: Webpages

Agent support for the Webpages Activity-based rules is now available on macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and later.

You can create a Webpages rule by clicking the ADD RULE FOR THIS POLICY button on the Behavior > Policies screen:

Here are a few things to note:

  • The rule currently supports Webpage Url and Query argument name only.
  • Only the Block and Warn rule actions are supported at the moment.
  • You will be able to view the rule violation events on the BI Reports > Behavior Alerts report.

Please see the Rules Guide >Activity Rules: What Activities Can You Detect? > Webpages section to learn more.

Computers: Option to Remotely Enable/Disable Monitoring

You can now enable/disable monitoring from the Computers (via the Action Menu) or from the Computer's Details screen:

To enable/disable monitoring for multiple computers:

On the Computers screen, click the check marks in front of the computer names to select computers.

Click the Select action menu on the top-left corner and select the Enable Monitoring or the Disable Monitoring option from the drop-down menu.

The Monitored column will show the current monitoring status of the computer(s).

On the Revealed Agent, the user will not be able to log in if you disable the monitoring. If they are already logged in, they will be logged out immediately.

To enable/disable monitoring for a single computer:

Click on a computer's name from the Computers screen. It will take you to the Computer's Details screen:

Click the Monitor computer toggle button on the left to turn monitoring on/off.

Bug Fixes

The Revealed Agent Would Capture User Activities Even When No Task Was Active

Sometimes The Revealed Agent would continue to record user activities even when no task was running by the user. It would happen right after the Agent starts up (before user pressed the Start button) or after the Agent reconnects to the server due to a network interruption.

The bug is fixed now.

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