Windows Agent 13.0 (2023-05-19)

New Features

Revealed Agent: New App Launch Parameters

We have added a few new command line parameters to the Revealed/Visible Agent that can be used when launching the Agent to automatically log in a user and start a predefined task. This might be useful in situations where you want to run the Agent from another application or script. For example, if you already use a time-tracking application and still want to use Teramind for tracking detailed user activities and recording the screen.

Here is the list of the new launch parameters:

Launch Parameter Description
--run Runs the Agent without the tsvchst service.
--router <address> <address> is the domain name or IP address of your Teramind instance.
--username <username> <username> is the username/login ID of the user. 
--password <password> <password> is the user's password.
--task-id <id> <id> is the task ID.
--hide-ui Hides the Agent window/UI and any messages that the Agent might display.
--hide-reconnecting Hides only the reconnect messages.
For more information about these parameters and how to use them, please check out this how-to article.

Bug Fixes

Hidden Agent: The Agent would Start Monitoring Users Before They Log Into Windows

If you had the RECORD LOCKED SESSIONS enabled under Monitoring Settings > Select a monitoring profile > Screen, the Agent would sometime start monitoring a user even before they log into Windows.

The bug is fixed now so that the user will only be monitored after they log into Windows.

Monitoring: IM Activities on LinkedIn not Captured

LinkedIn recently changed the data format for messages in the LinkedIn Messenger. As a result, some customers were unable to capture any of the LinkedIn activities on the Monitoring > IM report.

The bug is fixed now.

Monitoring Settings/Session Player: Suspend Monitoring Feature not Working for Edge Browser Widgets

Due to a bug, SUSPEND MONITORING WHEN THESE WEBSITES ARE VISITED option on the Monitoring Settings > Select Monitoring Profile > Websites: Edit settings screen wouldn't work for sidebar widgets on the Microsoft Edge browser. As a result, the widget wouldn't get blacked out on the screen recordings or live view on the Session Player. In the example below, the Outlook sidebar should be blacked out on the Session Player but it's still shown:

The bug is fixed now.

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