Mac Agent 1.239 (2023-05-19)

New Features

Revealed Agent: New App Launch Parameters

We have added a few new command line parameters to the Revealed/Visible Agent that can be used when launching the Agent to automatically log in a user and start a predefined task. This might be useful in situations where you want to run the Agent from another application or script. For example, if you already use a time-tracking application and still want to use Teramind for tracking detailed user activities and recording the screen.

Here is the list of the new launch parameters:

Launch Parameter Description
--router <address> <address> is the domain name or IP address of the your Teramind instance.
--username <username> <username> is the username/login ID of the user.
--password <password> <password> is the user's password.
--task-id <id> <id> is the task ID.
--hide-ui Hides the Agent window/UI and any messages that the Agent might display.
For more information about these parameters and how to use them, please check out this how-to article.

Bug Fixes

Stealth Agent: Remote Control would Activate for Inactive User

Due to a bug in the Stealth/Hidden Agent, if you had two users on a Mac and one of them was inactive, you could control the inactive user by activating the remote control (Session Player > Remote Control button) for the active user:

The bug is fixed now so that the Remote Control works only for the user selected.

Artifacts in Grayscale Screen Recordings

Due to a bug, if you turned on the GRAYSCALE option on Monitoring Settings > Monitoring Profile > Screen: Edit Settings window, thin black vertical stripes would appear and vanish on the video as screen contents change:

The bug is fixed now so that no artifacts are visible on grayscale screen recordings.

Revealed Agent: would Crash when Stopped from Reconnecting

Due to a bug in the offline screen recording feature, the Revealed/Visible Agent would crash when the user presses the Stop button while the Agent is trying to reconnect (e.g., when the network connection is lost). The crash would usually happen when the user changes the application focus. An error, "Teramind Agent quit unexpectedly" would be displayed when this happened:


The bug is fixed now.

Revealed Agent: would Crash when Connecting from Multiple Computers

Usually, when a user logs in from two computers simultaneously, they will be logged out automatically from the first computer and a message, "You were signed out by server" will be displayed on the first computer's screen. However, due to a bug, the Agent would crash just after displaying the auto sign-out message (as soon as the user changes focus from the application window).

An error, "Teramind Agent quit unexpectedly" would be displayed when this happened:


The bug is fixed now.



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